Podolski, Hamsik, A trip to Klanfield and Gentleman’s Golf

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Good morning, puddings.

It’s a deathly quiet day in Arsenal world. Klanfield awaits us on Saturday at the thoroughly ridiculous kick-off time of 12:45, so news of player injuries and absentees should begin today with conformation on the morning of the game. As things stand, there’s very little to report, which isn’t such a bad thing today.

Yesterday, for the first time in years, I took to the Golf course to enjoy an afternoon of gentleman’s entertainment. Having woke up an hour ago, I literally ache all over – even areas of my body I was under the impression couldn’t ache feel as if they’ve been struck repeatedly with iron bars. Some times I wonder why I do these things to myself.

I love Golf, I love the camaraderie between friends a good game offers, but my relationship with the sport can quickly turn to pure hatred. I’m usually a fairly laid-back and placid individual, but if things begin to turn pear-shaped, I can swiftly erupt into a gangly mess of apoplectic aggression, firing off a cacophonous barrage of obscenities. All because a little white ball refuses to head in the direction I’d intended. Happily and surprisingly, I was consistent with my ball striking and I posted a respectable first-game score without once flirting with banishment from the grounds.

Good times.

The beginning of my Golf season usually goes hand-in-hand with the start of Arsenal’s perennial capitulation. This year, I’m hoping we wont be repeating the same irksome errors. Vanquishing our uppity neighbours in the most comprehensive of manners was an enormous leap in the right direction, but it needs to be built upon. If we come away from the Liverpool game with a point or better, then we’ll be on the right track. Understandably buoyed by recent silverware, The Reds will be formidable opponents, so another excellent team performance is required.

Tomorrow, as is now customary, I will preview the game in greater depth and put up a probable starting line-up.

And that’s yer lot. The only other thing on offer is a few more rumblings around the Podolski story, and one or two tall tales surrounding Napoli’s brilliant Slovakian playmaker, Marek Hamsik. Whilst slightly intriguing, they’re just tired re-hashes of this story which was heavily published circa August 2011. He’d make a wonderful addition – as would Podolski – yet I don’t see anyone but the uber-rich having what it takes to tempt the Italians to sell a prized asset.

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