Podolski hasn’t signed for Arsenal (yet) and early Newcastle team news.

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Morning, faithful readers.

Everyone across the media has reported the Podolski signing as in-the-bag, complete, finished. Everyone aside from the ones that actually count. When pressed by pesky journalists to divulge the validity of the rumours, Arsene had this to say:

“I have not a lot to say about that because if we sign a player we will inform you. At the moment we have not signed anybody. There is still no agreement.

“The distance to the agreement is not always linked with the signing. When you are very close you are quickly very far again, but Podolski is a good player, I wouldn’t deny that.”

That’s fairly conclusive stuff, although it does lead me to believe there will be a deal done in the future and negotiations are taking place.

I’m at something of a loss writing today. Monday night seems a stupid time to play a football match, and usually I hate it. Given the excursions of the team on Tuesday, this particular instance having a game not fall on the weekend works to our advantage. That said, it does leave a curious void of Arsenal news. Thankfully, there are a few tidbits I can share with you.

Ramsey and Arteta are both fit to take part against the Geordies and Andre Santos is back in full training. The only doubt is Kieran Gibbs. As far as I’m aware, they’re are no fresh concerns.

Right, I’m going to cut today’s post short because I’ve a busy day at work and a few irritatingly necessary jobs to attend to before I head out. Tomorrow, they’ll be a post of greater substance for you little rascals to get your collective choppers into.

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  1. hammed

    Please prof. Wenger I want podolski deal done as soon as possible.

  2. mog

    weres the newcastle team news

    1. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

      “Ramsey and Arteta are both fit to take part against the Geordies and Andre Santos is back in full training. The only doubt is Kieran Gibbs. As far as I??m aware, they??re are no fresh concerns.”

      Are you blind?

      1. mog

        no im not blind the way i read it sounded like there might be some news on newcastle injuries etc.

        1. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

          I said ‘early’ news. If you pop back on Monday morning, they’ll be a full preview and team news.

  3. Paul

    Hay guys 1 of my best friends is the dietician for FC KOLN and he has told me the podolski deal is 100% agreed as he has heard it from the horses mouth!!!!!! believe me if u want but I??m telling u he??s defo signing for arsenal but u know what we are like we don??t confirm any intrest as we dnt want the big spenders stealing our transfers, however 1 would think announcing it would do that lol

  4. salim shariff

    i love arsenal

    1. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

      Me too…


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