Podolski in, Vertonghen to follow. M’Vila soon, too?

Lukas applauded the medical team at Arsenal after completing his 357th test.

Evening, folks.

“We are delighted to secure the deal for Lukas and see him as an important part of our future,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

“He is a top-class player, a very good finisher and a proven performer at club and international level. He is a very strong player and will provide us with good attacking options.”

That’s what Arsene Wenger has said regrading the capture of Lukas Podolski, and I’m inclined to agree with him.  Having witnessed last summer’s dreadful last-minute farrago in the transfer market, it appears a few lesson have been learnt. We’re strengthening early, and before anyone else beats us to it.

Arsenal’s burden for goalscoring has fallen solely on the shoudlers of Robin van Persie this season. Podolski is an established international player with an impressive record. As far as signings go, it’s a very good one and I’m delighted we have some proper comfirmation.

As that story is put to bed, the rumours surrounding Jan Vertonghen have stepped up, and he’s being widely tipped to be the next player arriving. I’m not going to pretend I know that much about him having only seen him play for Ajax a couple of times, but he looks a solid unit, and he’s more than capable in the air. This one appears to have a lot of validity to it.

Whilst the above will improve the squad, the one I really want is M’Vila. Our Midfield lacks that kind of player who can effectively cover the back four and defend. Many people seem to think that the defensive midfielder position is antiquated. I disagree. It’s something Arsenal need.

If you look at our defensive stability as a team, the midfield is the area we lack covering players. Regularly, both full backs and the central pairing are left wildly exposed by players who simply don’t track back. Alex Song, for all his exceptional contributions upfield, isn’t playing the role we need him to.

M’Vila can solve that, and he’s a bloody good player as well. If we can add both Vertonghen and M.Vila, along with keeping the current squad we have together, there’s every possibility we’ll look an immeasurably stronger team capable of challenging for some of that elusive silverware.

I’ve almost forgotten what a cup looks like…

That’s all for today, you beautiful bastards. Below are the comments. They await your views on potential new recruits and I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in welcoming Lukas to Arsenal. I hope he turns out to be a real success here.

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17 thoughts on “Podolski in, Vertonghen to follow. M’Vila soon, too?”

  1. Wenger is doing something impressive by recruiting early. First these players are Euro bound and their prices could go up if they had an impressive performance. Second the new players will fully take part in our pre-season and this will help them gel well with the rest of the squad before the other season begins. Third the signings will convince our captain VP to sign a new contract. It is my prayer that all our signing this season will have a good impact.

  2. Iam morethan happy when i sow this news about bodolski .now that the two club agree the deal please laprofessor should quikly go on and tie up the dael for m,vila and vertonghen.this will make the team to go for all the title nex season and also be a signal for van persie to stay at the club.all my loyal to this club as a fan shuold not be disapointmet thancks i remain gunner for life.

  3. A also of that opinion for all the creative players that we crying for i bealive you build from the back make us impregnable first

  4. feels good dat wenger has started acting smart.but dont let us forget dat we need to get adel taarabt,dis guy is exceptional.nd i hope we could tie up the deals 4 m’vila nd vertoghen fast.long live arsenal

  5. We need to offload :
    Bendtner, Almunia, Arshavin, Chamakh, Vela, Denilson, Park. They are a drain in the form of player salaries without offering anything to the club.

  6. acquiring vertonghen is good enough as he can play as fullback, cb, dmf and cmf a lil bit like coquelin, and we desperately need two good utility player. but if we want to go to all 4 cups, we should get m’vila.

  7. Me and my colleagues here in Niger state of Nigeria welcomes Lukas to our great club and wish him best of stay ahead and we also look forward to see M’Villa and others.

  8. If i tel you dat am nt Hapi abt dis present move by wenger, den i must be a liar! Infact, wenger, Kari on

  9. I like the above comments and I want to add some thing, Ramsey should leave this club then we will see not only one cup but more than 2!

  10. podolski is a great signing!hopefuly the first of many!!but like you m,vila is the one player i really want us to get and the one we really need,but in arsene we trust!!one more thing mate you need to do something about that surname of yours i mean no offence but stoke(S)if you know what i mean:))

  11. i also think lukas is a great signing and we could do with more attacking options hopefully the rumors about jan and vila are true and maybe we’ll all remember what a cup looks like.

  12. Scumchester below Citeh and Scouse scum below lesser scouse scum – it is a grand day indeed. All we need now is Stoke to go into liquidation, get docked 20 points and be thrown into the Championship and my life will not have been in vain! Oh, and well done Mr Wenger for signing that cheque early – a damn fine acquisition my Francais chum.

  13. I don’t agree with you saying song isn’t doing his job of covering. He has been top three player this year with RvP and Koz and maybe arteta a fraction behind. With Arteta and Song we had great cover as they help each other. Now with only song the cover is much less as he has to do everything and if you understand a modern midfield there is a lot of rotation between at least the CDM and CM with the CAM getting a little more freedom.

    If the mid contain jack song and arteta that is exeptional, allows rotation and creativity. Vertonghen if signed provides great cover at CDM as well as the defensive positions. Le coq is going to be good and his versatility is also a bonus. So while i would not complain about the addition of M’Vila i dont think wenger will pay over the top nor should he. He will want to start so who will he put out?

  14. Arsenal doesn’t need any more defensive midfielder. Arteta and Song can play well in that position. Arsenal need a world class striker and a defender to replace current first team players. We don’t have much dept in that positions. Podolski is good in attacking midfield position. Even if he is a good goal scorer, Arsenal need a one more world class striker to replace RVP. No doubt about that.

  15. It’s good to 2 hear zat we have podo & we hope vila + verto also ‘ll come. Surely next season ‘ll be ours.

  16. im very hapy by the signing of podolski and i hope other world class players to be added to the team and please give a chance to carlos vela he will be a legened at Arsenal if he can be given a chance to play. ARSENAL 4 LIFE

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