Podolski is a Gooner (allegedly) and I’m still brimming with pride

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And a bloody good morning to you, splendid reader.

Doubtless to say, you’ve heard the Podolski rumblings by now. Last night, Twitter and the news outlets went into meltdown. The story of Lukas Podolski signing for Arsenal was everywhere and anywhere within seconds.

The German publication ‘Bild’ claims that the two clubs have concurred on a ‚?¨13 million (¬£10.8m) deal for the striker, whose Koln contract expires in the summer of 2013.

Podolski has been linked with a new challenge in the summer in recent weeks after admitting he had become increasingly fecked off with life in Cologne following the club’s lack of progression in recent years. Allegedly, he’s been texting his new BFF, Per Mertesacker, about life as an Arsenal player. Our enormous, fleet-of-foot German said this in an interview with Sky;

“He has been very interested in the past few weeks, and has sent me a number of text messages.

“I’ve told him that this is a great place to work and that Arsenal are an amazing club.”

One thing I should make abundantly clear is I don’t believe anything I read about transfers until I see the official confirmation on the club’s website. However, I starting to suspect there’s a bit of truth to this one.

Podolski would make a welcome addition, and if there is truth to the rumours, it’s good to see us striking whilst the iron is hot. Dithering and procrastination has cost us players on numerous occasion, and it’s not a mistake we should look to repeat over the summer. If we want someone, then let’s get them before the oil-rich start flashing their wallets.

But that’s just idle speculation at the moment. What’s unquestionable is the burning sense of pride within me. Yesterday I endured a few hapless attempts at mockery from rival supporters, and they fell of the deafest of ears because The Arse are no longer Champions League participants.

Usually with me, snide remarks and juvenile opprobrium from moronic rival supporters can cause the urge for homicidal mania. Instead, I found an enveloping happiness, an all-consuming pride for what our players did on the field of play on Tuesday. I still marvel at how close they came to the spectacular. I still get goose-bumps when I hear that incredible roar from the Emirates faithful. We’re out of the competition, but we’ve put 10 goals past good opposition (and Spurs) in the last three games, so there’s plenty of reasons to be happy.

I’m still proud and I think I’m going to be for quite some time.

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Some of you may be familiar with ‘Arsenal Vision’. It’s a really excellent site and the owner has been kind enough to offer me a weekly column. Yesterday, my introductory article was published. I hope you’ll check it out. You may notice that my first contribution to an established and respected blog is to get the word ‘gyrating’ into the title of a post…

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