Poor defending costs points, Jack out for the season and Euro 2012 and a bit of Ramsey bashing…

Aaron realised logging into his Twitter account was a bad idea...

FA Premiership, April 16th: Arsenal 1-2 Wigan

Morning, folks.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. In a season that’s defined ‘topsey-turvey’, a poor result that wasn’t expected turned up on the back of an excellent one. With some signs of consistency and good performances, Arsenal are never far away from showing their capable of doing something a little stupid.

Lacklustre sums it up. We shipped two appallingly defended goals in the opening 8 minutes, and couldn’t show any of the drive and resolve that’s got us out of previous self-induced jams. We lost. The team didn’t function as well as they could. The same collective blunders in defending are cropping up.

I can’t pretend I’m not frustrated at the manner in which the team performed. I expected better. I know they’re capable of better. Perhaps, we considered Wigan to be an easy 3 points and simply fell victim to our own arrogance. I don’t know. With these unnecessary defeats becoming more of a regularity, picking them apart and seeking scapegoats strikes me as pointless. I’m more focused to thinking of solutions. I prefer to support my team, regardless of fortune. As one user on my Twitter timeline said, “We win together, we lose together”.

And that brings me nicely to my opinion on Aaron Ramsey. I am, quite frankly, getting tired of defending one of own players from the vitriol of halfwits and hateful doom merchants masquerading as Arsenal fans. I could just about tolerate and understand taunts from a rival supporter, but when individuals claiming to be Gooners start throwing despicable insults at a young man who never hides, then I feel compelled to speak out. He may be lacking in confidence, and under-performing slightly, yes. Constructive, accurate criticism is perfectly valid, but to use social networking sites as an avenue to threaten violence is simply bafflingly stupid.

It disgusts me. It truly does. There is a small minority in Arsenal’s online fan-base that represent an embarrassing disgrace. If you’re one of those people who seem to believe Aaron is responsible for the defeat – he wasn’t even on the pitch for the two goals we conceded -, If you’re one of the people who posted death threats and remarks about Gary Speed , then I challenge you to offer an intelligent, reasoned argument for the things said that won’t make me think you’re a fucking idiot.

I won’t be expecting any takers.

News on the injury front didn’t improve the mood, either. Mikel Arteta limped off during the 1st half and reports from various folks across the web suggest he could have a serious ankle problem – one that will result in his absence for the remainder of the season. To compounds matters, we won’t be seeing Jack Wilshere this season – not in an Arsenal or an England shirt.

Arsene Wenger and Jack have both confirmed that his lack of fitness will prevent him from travelling with the national team to Euro 2012, and his ankle won’t be risked in competitive football this term. That’s a big blow for Jack, but one I’m actually quite glad about. From an Arsenal perspective, enabling him a full summer of rest and recuperation should ensure he’s raring to go for the next campaign.

That’s all for today folks. There is still plenty to be cheerful about, isn’t there? Let’s all pick ourselves up from the doldrums and look forward to the next game. We’ve got 4 games left, and still enough breathing space to leave securing 3rd place in our own hands. The defeat was far from welcome or ideal, but it’s not the end of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Poor defending costs points, Jack out for the season and Euro 2012 and a bit of Ramsey bashing…”

  1. Ramsey wasnt on the the pitch at the tym we went 2down but he did nothing to help the team recover when he took to the pitch. Just like wenger was defending Arsharvin ,we are denying the obvious. He should be sold just like the other deadwoods .we need fighters ,arsenal is a team of dedicated and focused players.thanx.

  2. I follow you on twitter, but only now have taken the time to read your blog, due to time constraints. Good post man…I agree, football is full of ups and downs, and after a great run of form, fans also fall into a mode of complacency, as well as players can. And when you are used to wins lately, a loss can be sore. A lot of Arsenal fans thought it was a banker last night…not me. I have watched Wigan lately and they are in great form. They deserve credit. I happen to look at this positively…the key to success is consistency. I think the team as a collective bunch are fairly close now and introspective. This loss will lead to some reflection in the training room and hopefully the team can grow and learn from this experience, and that will over time lead to the much needed consistency. All teams lose games…Man UTD, Man City, they key is how quick you bounce back. Man Utd have the knack of bouncing back after one defeat, they have only lost 2 games in a row once this season. Arsenal have lost clusters of 2-3 games after one defeat. They key for us is Saturday…if we can beat Chelsea then all will be forgotten and it reinforce the teams ability to bounce back quickly. Since October the 16th we have lost 5 in 26 games in the PL, with few draws and the rest wins..UTD since October the 16th have lost 5 in 26 games…So we have had the same form as UTD since that point in the league…It was the horrendous start we had…however, as you say we need perspective…since October we have had Championship form, its only a matter of consistency. Fine margins, I was at the game at the Emirates after Boxing day against Wolves, we drew that game, should have been an outright win with the chances. The team needs to learn how to turn those into 3 points, and the away game at Swansea, we need to be totally up for the fight in those games. Arsenal have proven they can go on a run and beat all in front of them…what we need to improve is our reaction to a loss. We lost to QPR a few weeks ago and then won 2 on the bounce, so thats a positive…lets see if we can limit lastnights defeat to one, and go on and win the next 2-3 on the bounce. If we can do that, then we have been in Championship form since October. To sum up this rambling (sorry man) Our strength will come from the games we lose. Come on You Gooners.

  3. Ramsey is not to blame, luck wasn’t on our side and Wigan were very effective! That’s all!

    Wigan scored two good goals and then parked the bus and used the counter attack well. They were great in possession. We were unlucky just finding their keeper in excellent form and we were a little one dimensional using the right channel for most of the game.

    Good game for the neutral bad one for a Gooner.

    The gap is still five points with Totteringham needing to better our results. They have no form and I still hold out we will perform better against teams like Chelski!

    The Ramsey haters better get over themselves because he will be playing all of the remaining games from here on in! He is bound to be a match winner in at least one of these!

  4. This had nothing to do with Ramsey or any one player in particular. There were some performances which were below par, certainly. But more than that it was Wigan that was forcing their game on us. And they have been playing like this for a while now, or did we think they just got lucky against United, Stoke and Liverpool? We just didn’t have an answer to their 3-4-3 in attack and 5-4-1 in defense. IMO, the coaching staff have to take the blame for this one, as much, if not more than the players. Chelsea will be a different game though, let’s bounce back!

  5. Ramsey definately was not the problem last night, We came up against a determined and up for it Wigan side who are desperate to avoid the drop. We just werent mentally prepared for a game of that magnitude, and in the first ten minutes we were shellshocked. Wigan have played that formation very well over the last few weeks and we didnt prepare, Arsene said in his pre-match interview that we do not look at the oppositions formation and we use zonal marking? Yet in the 15 minutes every time they broke we looked out of sorts.
    Arterta injury came at a really bad time, I saw the ball running away from him and thought please dont try and cross it, had injury written all over it.

    Poor RVP has played more games than ever in his career and got no service last night.
    Theo just cannot get into games where the defence sit deep, he needs space to run into otherwise he is ineffective.
    I feel with Ramsey that Wenger is unsure how best to use him. When hes on the pitch with Rosicky, its as though they are playing the same role? Whereas Arteta keeps the ball moving in midfield and backs Song, Ramsey tries to get forward, which means when Song is trying to get the ball up top, he misplaces the pass, as he would usually use Arteta as an outlet.

    Last night is just another example of what happens when a top team comes up against a survivalist team in the final run in. Were playing for CL, theyre playing for PL. Big difference.

  6. Guys some one settle this with stats! How many games do we win when Rambo strarts(include last night) as oppossed to games where he doesnt? I did some quick maths and its a shocking drop in win percentage

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