Poor Old Yaya Sanogo. Vela A No-No.

Wake me up, Yaya Sanogo.

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Surprisingly, I’ve found myself a little bit of free time. So, I thought to myself, “why not pen/type something extra for all those wonderful human beings that pop by to read this site?”.

If you cast your peepers over the Interwebs, you’ll find that there’s quite the conflicting opinion surrounding Yaya Sanogo. Some feel he’s “raw” with lots of potential, others feel he is another example of Arsene’s famed stingy nature and a player that shouldn’t be anywhere near the Arsenal first team. A minority become so furious at the mere mention of his name that you picture them red-faced and about to explode into a gooey mess. Such is the nature of folk.

I’m a fan. I like him a lot. I wouldn’t deny for a moment that he is quite some distance from the finished article, but what he lacks in experience and technique he makes up for with good old fashioned heart. Granted, there are moments where he appears to possess the poise and grace of an inebriated deer trying to negotiate a newly-polished hardwood floor in sports socks, but the aforementioned heart enables me to overlook a multitude of sins. 

Yaya is raw, he does require some work to become the finished article but time is on his side. He’s 21-years-old and will only get better developing his game around the other players in the squad. When you consider the languid, sauntering types we’ve had as striking options at Arsenal, a young kid who appears to genuinely want to give his all on the pitch beats them all hands down as far as I’m concerned.

One of those types is Carlos Vela. Unquestionably a gifted footballer but with a questionable temperment. His time at Arsenal was a series of chipped goals against lower league opponents with the game already won and tales of hedonism and London’s nightlife. Now, I’m not saying he was out every weekend at 2am hoovering beak and nailing exotic escorts, but the impression I got was he was much more interested in partying.

Arsene Wenger never seemed to really trust him. He started a few games but there didn’t appear much pause for thought when the decision to loan him out came along. However, there is that buy-back clause in his contract at Real Sociedad which enables us to retain his services for a paltry £3.3m. You’d assume that Arsene put that in there on the off-chance Carlos changed his nefarious ways and started to show some of that talent on a regular basis.

My concern is that Vela is a player far more suited to Spanish football. I don’t think the pace and intensity of the Premiership really suits him at all. What appears a bargain to many doesn’t to me – I think we’d be better off looking elsewhere and perhaps shelling out a bit of cash.

That’s all for the moment. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more stuff and the latest Goonersphere Podcast – we’re recording our season review tomorrow afternoon so keep and eye out for that. All that remains is a quick nod toward the comments and I hope to read a few of your thoughts on the two players. Do you think Sanogo has what it takes to succeed? Would you re-sign Vela? Let me know your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

25 thoughts on “Poor Old Yaya Sanogo. Vela A No-No.”

    1. GunnerSingh, says
      Vela is quality , clever and has a footballing brain against Hull Vela would have had more composure and scored once or twice I reckon. We need the real deal which of course Giroud is not
      Yaya is all in the name Nogo!

  1. Even if Vela is not wanted at The Emirates, for 3.3 million, we buy him and then flip back to a Spanish side for around 9-10 million. Instant profit!

  2. I like sanogo just as you mentioned he’s raw needs some time to gain some experience but he’s got the potential as for vela I think wengers going to use him in a possible deal to get griezman

  3. Good post mate. I can never understand the mentality of some supporters, how anyone can slag off a player like Sanogo is beyond me. He`s certainly not the most gifted player to have donned the Arsenal shirt and he can look a bit clumsy at times but he`s got a heart the size of a fucken lion. I`d rather have a big, raw, ungainly trier like that playing for my club than a waster like Vela any day of the week. Personally, I dont think Sanogo will ever be good enough to be first choice on the team sheet but that doesnt mean that he cant contribute to the cause. His critics should have another look at Saturday`s Cup Final again and then have a bloody good look at themselves. Sanogo changed the game, it wasnt pretty but his impact was undeniable. He`s only a kid and Wenger will definitely improve him. As I say, he might never make it at The Arsenal but when he does play, you can guarantee that he`ll give 100% and thats all I ask for when I turn up to watch the team. The moaners sum up modern football supporters to me. Ive been going over there since 83 and remember big Tone coming through the ranks. He was also a bit raw and prone to the odd shocker but the fans back then were a different breed and were willing to forgive almost anything if they saw a geezer giving his all. If Adams was coming through now, you would get wankers on the net slaughtering him and telling everyone he was shit. Sanogo will never match that great mans deeds but why try and ruin the fella before his career has really begun? Wankers mate. Anyway, cheers for a blindin read.

  4. Vela was rated the 7th best player in La Liga, and the only one in the top 20 who played for a team outside the top 5. He has seriously progressed, and for £3.3m, he’s an absolute steal!

  5. I couldn’t help but agree with you more James on all points about Vela. He does have talent but I am certain his talent best suits the spanish League I tried to watch Vela very closely when he was here and nothing I saw ever made me think he was suited to the EPL….I am not vaguely interested in his interest in hedonism each to their own …I am more concerned about what he gives on the pitch…

    Having watched Sociedad over the last 2 season Griezman looks a better prospect but I certainly would not be splashing the amount sociedad will want for him…it is too much of a risk and he looks very light weight too…someone who looks light weight but perhaps more suited to the EPL is Pedro he is small skillfull tenacious and fast…though I don’t see how we could ever get him except he is put on the market…

  6. Vela should stay in Spain, he was poor over here. Anyway, even with the ‘buy-out’ clause, surely the player still needs to agree to the transfer, and who says he wants to come back? We should buy someone better.

  7. I have a feeling Sanogo will be aggressive and hungry next season after a summer of watching the World Cup and knowing he’s still without his first goal for Arsenal. As for Vela, I’d rather spend an extra 10 million pounds on Griezman or even Sanchez.

  8. It was just a fingertip that kept Yaya from scoring in the FA Cup final! He just proved that we need to play 4-4-2

  9. “His time at Arsenal was a series of chipped goals against lower league opponents with the game already won”
    That’s not a very fair assessment of his time. He played few games but was the major difference maker for our reserve/youth team in the league cup against top division or championship sides. He was head and shoulders the best player in those matches and deserved more opportunities in the first team than he was given.
    I’ll agree with you that there are questions about him mentally, but it’s more down to confidence than anything else. It’s because he’s been given the confidence of the manager at Sociedad that he’s started to do well – much like Ramsey has done for us! If you see the sorts of goals Vela’s scored for them, a fair few have demonstrated tremendous determination as well as skill, and that’s something we didn’t see enough of while he was here. He’s always has the talent and the fact that he’s one of the top few forwards in La Liga is not actually that surprising. For £3m or whatever, he’s well well worth a punt in my view, but we do need another striker as well because I don’t think Vela would play as a CF except when there were injuries to other players.

  10. Am i the only one who thinks Sanogo is more talented and technical than Giruid? raw as he is? Ozil was ever so frustrated by OliG for spunning all those chances he was trying to create. Sanogo made all the difference.
    Hes more athletic, better on the ball, relishes the big games.. these for me are qualities that make him better than big Oli.

  11. Surprising the number of people asking for Vela to return. He was loaned out and then sold for a reason. We need power and hard work up front

    1. …And he wanted to leave to get more game time, remember he had a great season on loan at Sociedad and stated that he wanted to stay rather than go back to sit on the bench but Sociedad couldn’t afford him at our 7 or 8m asking price so that’s why we sold him for 2.5m with a 4m buy-back. Wenger wanted him back but couldn’t guarantee him games so Vela asked to leave. We didn’t sell him for any other reason other than him wanting out

  12. He was sold because despite his obvious talent he was always used sparingly and we never got chance to see his full potential. At Sociedad he has proven himself capable of scoring against teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona. That is a striker worth taking note of.

  13. AT 21 years old you don’t have any soccer basics. Even Girould does not deserve to wear Arsenal kit. Sell him, buy Remy & a top quality striker. Get Sephan Elshararaawy

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