Professional victory at Wolves, van Persie ‘leans’ toward stay and Theo’s form

As they plummeted toward the murky depths of the Championship, Theo took a moment to cogitate Wolves' fate.

FA Premiership, April 11th: Wolves 0-3 Arsenal

Morning, delicious reader. 3 points? Aren’t they wonderful? Yep, they’re very welcome indeed.

Occasionally, I yearn for Arsenal to do exactly what they did last night at Wolves; to win without ever needing to shift into the higher gears. From the moment Bassong was sent off early in the game, and RvP dispatched the resulting penalty, the game was never in doubt. Goals from Theo and Yossi gave the scoreline a bit of extra gloss, but in the end it was a simple, professional performance.

Wolves battled, and didn’t give in and die in the face of an uphill struggle. With the scores at 2-0, Szczsney made an extraordinary save from Doyle, palming his header around the post. It goes to show how much we’ve suffered with Almunia between the sticks. I struggle to think of a single occasion he made a vital stop at an important period in a game.

Unfortunately, no Arsenal match is complete these days without Twitter’s many members blowing abuse at Aaron Ramsey. He’s had a tough time over the last couple of years. He’s only 21 and he’s never found hiding away from the game. He wants to be involved, he wants to be on the ball. The rest will come in time. In the meantime, give him a break, for Christ’s sake.

All in all; good win. We’re now 5 points ahead of Spurs. If we keep on the course we’re headed, I don’t see any problems arising. We should secure 3rd. I’m still not going to gloat until its a mathematical certainty we’ll finish there.

In other news, there’s encouraging news surrounding Robin van Persie. According to a report in The Times, we are preparing to up his wages from £80k-per-week to a whopping £13k-per-week – this with the tasty sum of a £6m loyalty bonus if/when he signs on the dotted line. He’ll not have to buy bulk toilet paper at Asda anymore.

As things have progressed, and with genuine hope of quality reinforcements arriving over the summer; my hope for him staying has grown bigger as the weeks have passed. Now, I fully expect him to turn down the advances of City. I hope that I’m right.

Lastly today, Theo Walcott’s worthy of a mention. He can be infuriating, he can have bad days that are as awful as anything you’ll see. But when he’s on form, when he plays by instinct and doesn’t over-think situations; he can destroy teams. Since he bagged a brace in the 5-2 defeat of Spurs, he’s performed consistently well, and long may it continue. In this form, he’s a massive asset.

That’s all for today folks. We’ve got to wait until Monday for the game against Wigan – congratulations to them for beating Man United last night. They deserved it.

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9 thoughts on “Professional victory at Wolves, van Persie ‘leans’ toward stay and Theo’s form”

  1. “I struggle to think of a single occasion he made a vital stop at an important period in a game.”

    hull city, west ham (penalty saves at crucial moments half time), manutd (cl quarter finals) etc.
    don’t get carried away

    1. Seriously? Try comparing that list with the litany of calamitous blunders he’s made over the years.

      And he hardly kept us in the Champions League tie (semi-final) with United. I seem to recall Ronaldo beating him from 35 yards.

  2. Good reading. However, I cant blame anyone for their comments on Ramsey. Yes, he will get better and I’m sure he has potential to be special. So, loan him out to a club where he can play every week in the first team and we can play players who are more ‘in form’ and don’t give the ball away so much. I have nothing against him, but let’s play the strongest youth players in positions that suit when they are fit.

  3. Raul,
    I understand your desire to protect a young prospect like Ramsey but please understand the extreme frustration of Gooners who have to sit and watch Ramsey’s clumsiness and his endless failed attempts at Ronaldinho tricks cost our beloved team precious points.

    Ramsey’s most recent injury is the main reason Rosicky was allowed to string together the decent run of games that have allowed us to see just what we had been missing by leaving him on the bench while regularly playing a clueless Ramsey.

    If we want to continue this blissful run of form and victories, and by God we should, then we must consistently use our best players for each and every match. That clearly means there is no place in the team for Ramsey, not at this time, please.

  4. Who are these retards who hardly know their left from their right foot, slagging off Ramsey? The young man had his leg shawcrossed, and is finally having his first full season back. And he is captain of his country to boot.

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