QPR (h) team news, thoughts and predicted starting XI

Stern faces all round.

Afternoon folks.

I don’t like QPR. My hatred isn’t based on any particular happening or reason, I just don’t like them. Look at the facts; it’s a club that can boast Mark Hughes, Neil Warnock and Harry Redknapp have all managed at some point. What’s to like?

Redknapp especially  I can do without. It’s with some pleasure and some fear I look forward to today’s game. The pleasure comes from knowing Redknapp will get dog’s abuse from the home fans fresh on the back of another rousing failure – all that despite his persona as a miricle worker. Fear? Well, that comes from knowing QPR have nothing to play for today, and that might just free them up a little.

Arsenal, on the other hand, still have plenty to play for. Anything other that 3 points today is unthinkable, and failure to aquire them could put an enormous dent in our hopes of Champions League football.

With little in the way of new teams news to report – Giroud is still suspended, Diaby is still suffering every know condition in medical science – I would guess Aresne will send out roughly the same team that faced United. The only changes he might make are replacing a below-par Sagna with Jenkinson, and Wilshere starting in place of Rosicky – a shame as Tomas was one of the better players on the field against United.

There’s no doubt the pressure is on Arsenal today, and that can often have an adverse effect  on both the team and the supporters. Expectation brings a viscous circle; the team feel the pressure and under-perform, the fans grow frustrated and vocally protest, the team feel more pressure becuase of the fans. And so on…

What we need today is a start similar to last Sunday; come blazing out of the blocks and get an early goal to settle some nerves. We should win today, but if the scores are still tied heading into the final 20 minutes, I can see things becoming very uncomfortable indeed.

I’ll go for a win – hopefully by a comfortable margin. Anything less is taking our destiny from our hands, and placing it into those that would gleefully see us fail. No mistakes today, please. Let’s get the win, and I do’t care how.

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Arsenal vs QPR odds.

aThanks for reading, today, you beautiful bastards. The comments below await a few of your thoughts. Are you confident about the game? Are you mildly concerned? How would you line-up the team? Let me know.

I shall return tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “QPR (h) team news, thoughts and predicted starting XI”

  1. We play QPR away, not at home as your title suggests.

    Anyway, you are right – they know they are going down and their current line-up will play not for QPR as much as they will play for their own careers. A very decent performance today might turn out to be a crucial thing for future transfers of Cesar, Samba, Remy…hell, even ‘Arry-for-Ingerland himself.

    We won the reverse fixture with Arteta’s goal from an offside that wasn’t seen by the linesman and we managed to pull that goal only after they were down to 10 men due to stupid challenge of M’Bia. That was also the match in which Wilshere, Sagna and Walcott returned after injuries. At the end of the match Mackie made a run through our defense before Mannone eventually stopped his shot that could cost us two points.

    I would sign any piece of paper that contains 1:0 for Arsenal in remaining three games. Spuds are playing before us today and if they win, the ball will be in our court. If we win against R’s, the ball will be in Chelsea court before they play United at Old Trafford.

    Maybe Monreal instead of Gibbs wouldn’t be a bad idea as I feel Cazorla plays better when his compatriot is behind him.

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