Ramsey, Bellerin And The Ox Defeat Their Injury Demons And Arsene’s Award.

Aaron didn’t take Channing Tatum’s casting in the new Gambit movie at all well.

Morning, wonderful individuals.

Today is very much entrenched in the international break. By that I mean there’s pretty much bugger all going on of any note and those stories that do gain a little attention are invariably heightened, fabricated or simply preposterous muck aimed purely to get those fingers clicking. I hate these periods in the season, I truly do. I’d liken them to being in a sexless marriage or suffering with a diet that only allows you to eat celery.

Yuck, celery.

Fortunately, there is some good news to sink my proverbial teeth into. Having suffered with our fair share of injuries this season – sound familiar? – there appears to be a bit of light twinkling at the end of the tunnel. By the time our next Premiership fixture comes around, Aaron Ramsey, Hector Bellerin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should all have shaken their respective lurgies to be fit and available for selection – the former two especially have been missed in recent weeks and The Ox gives us an injection of pace and drive that Joel Campbell can’t quite match despite having shown some of his better work in an Arsenal shirt.

Ramsey has been the biggest miss. Even when deployed unnaturally on the right side of an attacking 3, his tenacity and work rate are invaluable. Whilst it’s impossible to disagree that centrally is comfortably his best position, it might go unnoticed how much he does for us when in the team on the right side. Often he’ll be the one chasing down and pressing the opponents and his perseverance wins back the ball – something we have lacked the ability to do as effectively in the higher areas of the pitch during his absence.

The goals have dried up a little, but Ramsey remains one of those players that are vital to us.

Elsewhere, Arsene won an award – the Premiership Manager Of The Month for October and rightfully so. Throughout that month our league form has been superb and we sit level on points with Manchester City, 2nd only on goals scored. There have been notable blips in cup competitions to prestigious European opponents and, errrr…. Sheffield Wednesday, but on the whole the team has shown signs of being able to sustain a genuine title challenge.

Of course, how long that can go on remains to be seen. There certainly are elements of our displays that need work. My bowels would very much appreciate it if Arsenal were to work on a little more consistency in defence and solidity in the central areas. We have the personnel, we may even add a smiling new face in January but the biggest obstacle I see is ourselves at the propensity for howling blunders and lapses in concentration. It’s the ability to do something ‘Arsenal’ that worries me – that and the typically ‘Arsenal’ amount of injuries we sustain.

Those are the things most likely to scupper our progress, certainly not ability, talent and desire as we possess those in abundance.

So, I’ll leave it there for today. I’ve got a busy day of work to attend to and zero inclination to do so. I’d far rather sit here and talk to you folks all day but, alas, bills and the responsibilities of being a “grown up” dictates otherwise. It is with a heavy heart I leave you, but doing so I point you toward the handy comments section below. Why not drop me a line with your thoughts and views.

I’ll be back soon. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Ramsey, Bellerin And The Ox Defeat Their Injury Demons And Arsene’s Award.”

  1. What I find most interesting is, now that Ramsey is injured, fans can finally see why Wenger was deploying him out wide. While Bellerin has been outstanding, I am not of the opinion that Debuchy has become so bad that we should get rid of him. I concede, barring the Sp*rs , he has not been at his level of early last season. however, Ramsey has been the biggest miss to us, especially for our defensive duties in midfield and I think the games against Bayern and Sp*rs illustrated this best. Chambo gives us good energy going forward but still leaves much to be desired going into our third of the pitch. One thing is for sure, we are going to needs these guys at their very best to take us to, what I believe, will be our 4th Premier league title.

  2. Yeah Ramsey is such a great link in the Arsenal team though i thought by now he would be greater than he is. Its as is his talent hasn’t experienced this meteoric spur!

  3. Yes Ramsey is a great link in the Arsenal team but i think for the time i’ve watched him so far! He has not experienced the meteoric success in his footballing career.

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