Ramsey Out Until March And A Scolding Coq.

Injured again. Poor old Aaron.

Morning, folks.

Today’s entry will be the briefest of posts as I’ve a few spare moments until I’m forced to subject myself to a booked appointment at the Apple Store. Being unabashedly a luddite, I fully expect whatever troubles I’ve been encountering with my phone to be ridiculously simple to solve and I’ll have a spotty, 17-year-old ‘genius’ looking at me with the kind of pity you’d reserve for a quadruple amputee.

And then I’ll probably be ripped off as well.

So, Arsenal…

The main topic to address is another hamstring injury for Aaron Ramsey. Reports have emerged from many outlets – some reputable, others not so much – that a return to action for the Welshman is looking likely to be 4-6 weeks away.

I think it’s fair to say injuries and niggles have upset Aaron’s season and he’s been unable to reach the same heights he did in the last. This campaign he’s looked a little off the pace and is often guilty of trying to hard – he seems so keen to recreate his previous excellence that he’s forcing the issue, often misplacing passes and attempting shots when the simpler option is far the better choice.

Perhaps his absence won’t be the worst thing in the world, for both the player and the team. His industry and enthusiasm in midfield will be missed. However, a rest and the opportunity to regroup could prove helpful and his period out does coincide with the impending return of Jack Wilshere.

Elsewhere, there’s a few quotes attributed to Francis Coquelin regarding his happiness to “scold” teammates when such a thing is necessary. Sometimes a little communication is lacking from our defensive displays, especially when events start to go awry. The Coq said:

“If it needs to be said, I am the one who is saying it. Everyone can tell each other off, so that is a good thing.

“We are all fighting for each other and the spirit is good in the team, so everyone can say what they think.”

“With every player we have got going forward, you need a man with a defensive mind as well.

“If I can give the team a good balance – because we have got quite a few players going forward – hopefully we can get back to keeping clean sheets soon.

“The most important thing is for us to get into the top four next season.

“It is going to be hard for us to win the title as Chelsea are quite far ahead, (but) if we stay consistent and keep winning games, you never know what can happen.”

I kinda like that. Many chastise Mathieu Flamini for doing the same, but often it needs to be done. Obviously we don’t require an entire team shouting and caterwauling at one another the whole 90 minutes, but a voice of concern to others does help. Sometimes a player not doing his duties needs to be informed of this in no uncertain terms.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m off out for the day. The comments await you below and they’re the perfect avenue in which to share your thoughts, so feel free. I’ll be back with more stuff tomorrow.

Until then, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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