Rap battles and the debate over overseas fans: The new Goonersphere Podcast is here.

Episode 13

Evening, folks.

Hope you’re all doing well. Today’s scheduled post got a little lost because I have spent a good portion of the day writing bits for the Goonersphere Podcast with Daniel Cowan, my beloved co-host.  I’ve also started doing a little editing, which given how hapless I am with technology, is something of an accomplishment. I feel it’s worth having a little brag about, anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll be back posting, but until then have a listen to our exploits.We are joined on the show this week by;

Paul (@invinciblog) – Invinciblog
Danny (@The_GFP) – A Bergkamp Wonderland

Up for discussion is Tottenham, Theo, Rosicky’s contract, a 4 man rant about the treatment of overseas Gooners and an incredible rap battle plus usual features “Listeners Questions”, “Goonersphere Shoutout” and “Goonersphere Prick of the Week”.

This podcast is explicit in nature and is probably not suitable for children, unless you are a really bad parent or a really cool one depending how you look at it.


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I hope you enjoy it. The comments are below, and a little feedback is always something we’re happy to hear – unless it’s abuse, then you can go f**k yourself.

As always; thanks for reading – and listening – you beautiful bastards.

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