Replacements for Theo and adding insult to injury.

From afar, people gathered to watch the Internet explode.

Morning, all.

Remember what I was saying yesterday about an unexpected and huge news story appearing out of the blue to give us something to talk about until Monday’s game at Villa? It happened. I wish I hadn’t said anything.

By now, all of you will be fully aware that we’ve lost Theo Walcott for 6 months through a large piece of misfortune. At times like these, there are many choices of word or phrases that are apt. For example, a Gooner reading the news for the first time might exclaim, “dash unfortunate all this business” or perhaps, “Shame, poor Theo“. After a few moments careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that only two very simple words serve to perfectly summarise the collective feeling amongst supporters of Arsenal:

“F**king hell….”

Bloody typical, isn’t it. Just as things seemed to be progressing smoothly with injuries and a few of our notable absentees started to return from the wilderness, we lose a player as important to us as Theo for the rest of the season.  It’s a huge blow for Theo, who is going to most likely have to watch from the sidelines when the World Cup begins. I don’t pretend to be all that enamoured by international football, but that’s just me. I’m sure travelling with England to Brazil meant the world to Theo.

With the news out there and public knowledge, most attentions have turned toward what Arsene Wenger will do now. Will our manager throw money at the problem and look to bring in a high quality player? It’s very likely he will, I believe. Before Theo’s unfortunate news, most folks I’ve spoken to would agree that reinforcements in attacking areas are needed. I’d say that is especially the case now.

There’s a long list of potential names being mentioned. Everyone from Diego Costa to Julian Draxler – the German international has already been impressed by our training facilities –  are being singled out as the ideal man to come in and make our alleged striking deficiencies a thing of the past. And it’s only going to get worse. My advice would be simple; stay away from all the talk and just wait. We’ll see soon enough what happens, and if signing Mesut Ozil proved anything it’s that our manager now has the ability to surprise us all.

Of course, that injury means that the FA’s decision to not punish Walcott for his 2-0 gesture at the Spurs fans has gone unnoticed. I think it’s the correct decision, even if it does feel almost entirely irrelevant at this stage. Football is about banter, and I saw nothing other than that in Theo’s actions. I can understand why it caused Spurs’ supporters to get so angry, but I’m sure they’d have enjoyed it just the same as us had the situation presented itself for one of their players to do the same.

And that brings me nicely on to certain supporters. Certain fans have no place in football. I love my Club, but any Arsenal fan who responded to the taunts from our rivals yesterday with anti-semitic remarks has absolutely no place in football as far as I’m concerned. Any true football fan would be rightly disgusted with that sort of behaviour and I was pleased to see so many of our own jump on those remarks when they appeared on Twitter.

Hate like that has no place in life. Football is just a game. It means a lot and is important to all of us who dedicated our time to writing about/watching it, but it has to be fun – there has to be an element of enjoyment. When folks start using the game to spew intolerance and hatred, I’m always keen to remember that social media and my personal life has lead me to meet many, many interesting and friendly characters from all walks of life.

When confronted with such idiocy and despicable acts, I suggest you do the same. Focus on what good there is out there and don’t give the bad the time of day. Feeding oxygen to these cretins will only fuel their desire to act up. Ignore them, don’t give them an avenue in which to peddle their dross.

That’s all from me this morning, folks. Having had such a wonderful break from it all, I must return to work today. It’s a depressing notion, but it had to happen sooner or later. Until I return tomorrow, I shall finish by pointing towards the comments section. Drop me line in there with your thoughts for the day.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

PS – Of all the odd things Twitter has shown me, I can now say I have my own copycats. Yes – there are now folks out there willingly pouring jam across themselves because I did it first. I’m unsure whether I should be proud or ashamed of this….

I guess I should be flattered.

15 thoughts on “Replacements for Theo and adding insult to injury.”

  1. Some football fans are downright stupid. But. It’s better to focus on the football and not on that sort of rubbish. The positive is that Sanogo, Ox, Ozil, Podolski are back, Gnabry looks the real deal, Rosicky and Cazorla have hit good form, the defence is still strong, numerous top players want to play for us, we have a good schedule in the next four games and Wenger is in good spirits. Guys, we are blessed, let us stay positive, regardless of whether we are able to sign anyone or not. This transfer window is difficult so it’s distinctly possible that we will sign no one.

  2. Whilst I don’t indulge in racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia or any other form of bullying. For me I don’t understand why some people feel it’s ok to say certain things but not others. I have been on the receiving end of bullying and racism and I can tell you I was far more upset about the bullying than I was about the racism. We unfortunately live in a cruel world but let me tell you for each of the bad things that are said there a thousand more worse crimes being committed. If u learn to laugh of the name calling and jibes about the colour of your skin your gender your religion your looks your size your disability your sexual preference your wife, your kids or whatever, life becomes far easier to deal with. Remember there is nothing wrong with you it’s the f@cking assholes who revert to this form of abuse that has something wrong with them.

    1. That’s the simple point. The squad looks stronger that it has been since the season started. No need to worry. We can only pray for ‘no more injury’and hope for consistency. We mmustn’t reinforce this January.

  3. brilliant piece of writing, James.
    Agree with absolutely everything,thanks for the links.
    After reading the Draxler article, do you think it would be possible to go get him NOW that Theo is KO ?
    I d be happy if we got him in the summer,mind …

    Nice and interesting comment by bc too

  4. Hi James,I agree with all your points,mainly that we must be patient.Arsene will sort it as best he can,I am convinced of that…Like you I think Theo’s loss is not the end of the world,we will be OK..I must be lucky with my twit people,I haven’t read any anti sem.tweets only RTs of tot fans wanking over Theo’s injury…Keeping the faith!!!

  5. Everyone and everything seem to be conspiring against us and Theo’s injury is the latest. Well even if Gods conspire some things cannot be changed and the spirit in this team will not crumble. Gnabry and Ox are ready and even though its not like for like, they will be good and i mean really good. Draxler looks more a summer signing than now so how about Lavezzi please.

  6. i think it’d be very difficult to find a like-for-like player in january, by which i mean a pacey, goal-scoring right sided winger/striker like theo. besides we already have gnabry and chamberlain who can play on the right except probably without theo’s goal-scoring abilities.

    in any case, i think we should be looking for a more traditional striker to help out giroud who can score 15-20 goals for the second half of the season. i’d like wenger to get someone like morata (struggling to think of any other name for the january market) and use gnabry or chamberlain on the right. then go all out for the elite striker in the summer on a more permanent deal.

  7. There is good & bad in every people. Sad to say we gooners are not immune and small racist and bigoted bunch hiding just below the surface do tend to stick their stupid heads out from time to time. To the embarrassment of all of us. It is imperative that we stand united and excommunicate these nasty critters. Love football, hate all the lines creating divisions.

  8. @ Mr. James : Perfect two words to describe the incident (I yelled the exact phrase when I read the news). But why the long face people there’s still a long way to go and the players look ready for it. Gnabry is showing potential and Ox and others are returning from injury. So its not all doom and gloom. Yes its quite sad that Theo’s injured again but I got a gut feeling that he’ll recover earlier than expected. There’s still the decisive half of the season to play for. Don’t forget our Trump Card – Lord Bentdner(when he returns from injury of course).

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