Robin, Andrey, Samir, Nicklas and the usual guff that passes as news.

Samir was furious to hear he could be surplus to requirements.

Late evening greetings.

I wasn’t going to post today. It’s late, I’m tired, I’ve had a long day at work and I’ve an early start tomorrow. My first though was, “Screw it. I’ll leave it today”. However, I’ve just changed my mind. I knew someone would miss me. Somewhere out there in the wide and vast Goonerverse, somebody looks for my posts every day. It’s because of you, you beautiful human beings, that I am making the extra bit of effort.

I know there must be at least one of you out there…

Yesterday, Andrey had a good game. Some folks have taken his one good performance as automatically meaning he was poorly managed at Arsenal. Not true. I blame Arshavin himself. He looked disinterested for the most part, and unfit too. He might have been consistently played out of position, but he didn’t seem to be playing all that centrally last night. He’s a good little player when the mood takes him. Unfortunately, that mood just didn’t seem to be there in an Arsenal shirt – excluding his brilliant start at the club.

In other news, Poppa van Persie had a few words to say about his offspring’s alleged move:

“He’d never go to Manchester City as it’s impossible he would play for another Premier League side that wasn’t Arsenal,” “It would make no sense to go to Barcelona when they’ve already got Leo Messi.

“Real Madrid would be a good option, but they are not so much a team as a collection of star names, so he wouldn’t really fit in there either.”

I’m really at the point where the speculation is pissing me off. I can’t stand all this waiting. Arsenal are a big club, and we absolutely shouldn’t be conducting our summer business around the hope someone will stay at the club. He either wants to stay, or he doesn’t. I love Robin, I worship the guy, but the decision isn’t hard and there is no need whatsoever for him to have gone away with Holland without a resolution. If he want’s to stay; brilliant. If not; sell him, re-invest and move on. It’s that simple, and the club should have put it to him that way.

In other transfer news, Brendan Rodgers wants Nicklas Bendtner to form a lethal partnership with Andy Carroll, and, hilariously, Samir Nasri is alleged to be surplus to requirements at Manchester City. After watching that snide little rodent laud around with a trophy he contributed little or nothing towards, It would be especially pleasing to see him dumped out on loan when City realise no one will pay his wages. PSG are the team showing interest, and about the only club side willing – or stupid enough – to match what he gets paid at City. There are some suggesting he could come back to Arsenal, but I seriously doubt that. I’d sooner see Hitler take to the fielding in an attacking position.

At that’s all for today. I’ll post a bit more on the Euros tomorrow afternoon. It’s actually been pretty good so far, and I’ve quite enjoyed it. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment, and follow my Twitter account @_ArmchairGooner


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  1. One thing i detest about you ‘Armchair’ or rather ‘Wheelchair’ is you calling your readers/followers ‘BASTARDS’. I think you should be more polite with the words to use. sleep good if you like, if not STAY AWAKE like DUCK!

  2. I would have eriksen over nasri,the young man got lots of potential & playes like a traditional no 10,dribble,pass,shoot.Also,I think giroud will make a good signing too.

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