Robin van Persie: Gooner or Goner?

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Hello darlings.

The elements are continually conspiring against me. I have grandiose visions of becoming a prolific post-every-day-without-fail blogger. The hectic nature of my working life appears to have other ideas…

Yet, where some might falter, I shall flourish… Ha – that sounds fairly arrogant. What I mean is, I intend to do my best, and in order to do so I’m currently neglecting my chores and jotting something in a rush on my phone. Please excuse any grammatical blunders.

What I thought I’d discuss today is the hottest topic occupying the lips and gobs of Arsenal fans the world over; will Robin be here next season. A friend of mine – Liverpool fan – at work seems convinced he’ll be buggering off after watching his “whatever happens” interview with the BBC. In fact, he was quite vehement, almost delighted, by the idea. Who wouldn’t be jealous of a club that had Robin, when yours buys dross like Downing and Carroll?

Me, well I’m leaning firmly towards having no idea at all. I’d like to think there is a part of Robin that feels he owes the club after it supported him through his numerous injury troubles. He is adored here, and I look at him and see genuine affection in return. However, he is ambitious. How many of us could turn down the money-laced advances of Real or Barca? We’d all like to think we could, but the reality of that concept is an entirely different thing.

As readers, I’m always intrigued to hear/read what you think. You folks read this site, and without your input it’s nothing but me talking to myself. With that in mind, I look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments. Whatever the outcome, we shall know soon enough. I’d love him to stay, but we’d survive if he didn’t. We are Arsenal.

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4 thoughts on “Robin van Persie: Gooner or Goner?”

  1. I am leaning toward go. This is his last chance to go somewhere to win something.

    If he stays it will only be if Arsenal gives him the money under a new contract that lets him out next summer if he wants to leave.I don’t think that Arsenal would do that.

  2. As long as the decision is quick I really don’t mind either way. If he stays we have a great player. If he goes we get a load of cash and we still have some great players, we are The Arsenal.
    What I hate is pre-season. All the conjecture and speculation is a mindf**k for us gooners. Let’s get our business done earlys doors and prepare properly for a pukka start to the season.
    GOYG – In Arsene We Trust

    Great blog.


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