Robin van Persie to open contract talks. Is there a dependancy on 4th?

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Where would we be without our mercurial Dutchman? It doesn’t bare thought, but I’d guess it would a riding up a large, faeces-named stretch of water without anything paddle-like to guide the vessel. His clinical nature in front of goal and general awesomeness are the reason we’re looking at a bad season, and not an unmitigated disaster.

The Telegraph reports today that there are a few hints he may be willing to stay at Arsenal.. Whilst it’s far from anything conclusive – it’s barely even mild rumour – it’s good to know there is some hope gleaming on the horizon.

Personally, I think a lot depends on the outcome of our current campaign. If we manage to get our act together, string a decent run of games together and secure that much-coveted final Champions League spot, he’ll stay. If we continue downward on the slippery slope to Europa League oblivion, I think he’ll be headed to pastures new – primarily because we’ll need the money generated from his sale to aid the rebuilding process once that Champions League cash disappears.

He is comfortably the best striker in the league at the moment, and I’d feel a lot happier about the future of the team with him still around. Whatever the outcome may be, we’re in for another one of those summers of constant speculation, but we’re used to that by now, aren’t we…

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