Robin van Persie wants a small fortune to stay at Arsenal? Okay…

“Can you afford to buy that castle, Robin?”

Afternoon, chums.

With a day off work today – a rarity on Saturday’s – I’m at something of a loss. I plan to watch the CL final tonight with my brother, but until I head off to his place, I’m left sat in front of my PC, twiddling my thumbs.

“Information!” I exclaimed, and decided to do some thorough snooping around all the delicious – and some egregious – sites dotted throughout the sprawlingly vast Goonerverse.

One of the big stories doing the rounds in most of the national papers and bigger sites is about the amount of cash Robin van Persie is alleged to be demanding from Arsenal, along with some assurances of acquisitions and a competitive team for next season. Undoubtedly, news like this is invariably poppycock and created will the sole purpose of selling papers/getting hits for websites. However, I did find it quite interesting. It made me ponder. “What will he actually ask for, and should we allow a player to make demands of the club?”

Robin’s form over the last season was nothing short of fantastic. Without his goals, we might have find ourselves floundering in a mid-table doldrums instead of the relatively dizzying heights of third place. His overall contribution to Arsenal in the last 18 months is beyond reproach. Yet before that, his career at the club was a litany of niggling injuries and tales of ‘what’ if?’

Do I think Robin owes a certain amount of loyalty to Arsenal as they supported him unwaveringly through long periods of absence? Yes. But on the flip-side to that point, I also believe the club owes it to our  one truly world class player to show him we are prepared to do what it takes to compete.

The wages he has, supposedly, demanded are in the region of a jaw-dropping £250,00 per week – an amount I’m certain I could live on for the next 10 years. That’s an astronomically large figure. As someone else pointed out today (I forget whom); only really Ronaldo and Messi could command such a figure, and both of them still have youth on their side. Robin is 28, and will be 29 soon. He certainly warrants a heft pay increase, that is without question. But the amount speculated is tantamount to ransom, and if there is any truth in it, I don’t think for a second the club should comply.

As the saga rumbles on, and there isn’t any sign of resolution on the horizon; stories like this will continue to appear. Misinformation and idle speculation are sure to be the weapons employed by the media, as it certainly attracts those of us hungry for information. My view remains simple; Robin van Persie is a brilliant, brilliant footballer and I’d love nothing more than for him to stay. However, Arsenal will always be bigger than any one player. If he choses to go elsewhere for the final big pay cheque of his career, then so be it. The club was here long before he arrived, and will remain long after he leaves.

For all parties concerned, I hope the resolution is sooner rather than later.

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I’m off to do something mildly productive now. I’ll return with more tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Robin van Persie wants a small fortune to stay at Arsenal? Okay…”

  1. While I think RVP has done wonderfully in the last one and a half years , I don’t think he is in any way on the same level of C.Ronaldo or Messi . to demand such a salary . Of course City are ready to throw silly money at anyone though Mancini’s signings have been astute .

  2. No he doesn’t “warrant a hefty pay rise” It’s time these people realised they are incredibly lucky and are made for life after only a year of playing a game they love. I, on the other hand, am struggling on a pittance. Tell RVP to FO if he has no love for the club. It’s the fans on their ordinary real life wages who have to stump up ever more in ticket prices to pay this greedy bastard.

  3. Agreed! The club is the most important thing and the sooner this is resolved one way or the other, the better for Arsenal. We know how much we can afford to pay and I feel we should give the player (RVP or anyone else) a certain amount to agree or not. If not, there should be no sentiment, just a transfer. The club is the most important thing! It frustrates me when our more immature supporters harm our club with their anxiety as I am sure that is not their intention. As for the media and employees of other clubs such as the once admired Patrick Viera, I cannot be sure of their intentions!

  4. When Henry left people said we wouldn’t make the top 4. Yet we have every season. The same things are said each time a player leaves. Nasri was the big star last year and we have survived without him. RVP came to the fore this year. Walcott, Chamberlain and Wilshere could go on to another level next year.

  5. You beautiful idiot, you also lack ambition. Don’t you realize that RVP loves AFC more than you by holding AFC to ransom so that they can wake up and do what is necessary to make AFC competitive again. You bastard do not know that there is no how he can be offered more than 130,000 a week and he will accept based on the condition that quality investment in the squad will be made. Bastard, it seems you have not heard that Walcot issue will soon come up and the vicious cycle continues may be next will be Wilshere until you eventually realize that AFC have become supplier of players to clubs like Man U, Man city, Berce and even chelsea and Spurs. Bastard, please advise Wenger to wake up to the stark realities in world soccer.

  6. I grew tired listening to these news for the whole weeks already. Obviously Rvp wants to win some title before he retire, I want Arsenal to win some too! Clearly the problem do not lay in 1 person in the teams. Its merely adding more experience figure of a player who can bring some major trophies for the team. We are lacking some motivation in our defensive approach, something We desperately need instead of signing another attacking midfielder or strikers. Buy some new left back and right back for example. Heck did wenger wants to always rely on the young ones all the time? Buying m’vila is the right choice. A 4-2-3-1 approach will definitely

  7. Club is the most important stuff. Wenger shouls now realize that big ambirions also comes with a price but not just depending on one player. I agree completely with the comments that people add to this issues. Arsenal for life and will always be the red and white.

  8. Gooners this is what i call is done by the various newspapers to promote sales which i believe does not contain any truth.

  9. What i want to say is that, if arsenal have the money they should paid him & acquire more talented players, because all gunners fans here in nigeria are tired of promise & fail thank u.

  10. RVP is a great player no doubt,but if dat sum is true,den i feel he shud be allowed to leave,cus dat demand is as good as a betrayal because,he hasent contibuted much untill d immediat past season.

  11. great article man…
    totally agree Arsenal is bigger than any one player. I hope more than anything Robin decides to stay, and i think he should he owes the club but i also hope he tells wenger that we need some upgrades. I’m not one for wonton spending sprees but watching the last few games we are clearly a player or two short. Jack and Arteta would def help that but still its the depth thats been the struggle. When they are out we aren’t the same right now. Maybe a M’vila so things can be more assertive in the middle (people also don’t realise signing him would add depth to defence as song is a very good CB and M’vila himself can cover there too)and if we snare kagawa i would be stoked!! But thats all and i think Robin would be pleased with that…at least he should be…well i’m just gonna let the summer play out and enjoy euros and study…good to hear something other than the typical AAA rants!!

  12. err, unless I have been reading completely different articles, all I have seen is that RvP is demanding an astronomical weekly sum to MOVE AWAY – according to other things I have seen he has apparently told friends it will take an extraordinary offer to make him move. Perhaps this is his way of saying to potential suitors, don’t bother calling unless you can offer something ridiculous.

  13. We need 3 midfielders to keep the middle fresh mvila,honda and valbuena a right back for ageing sagna like van der wiel and fowards like huntelaar,llorente,doumbia or welliton from spartak moscow

  14. Completely agree, in fact that’s what I have been tweeting all this while, he deserves the applause for his form n deserves a pay hike but & this is a definitive but.. I don’t expect that any one single player to hold the club ransom.. I love rvp as we all fans do, yes he requires assurance in terms of transfers coming in n so do we..he needs to feel that this club will challenge for trophies come next season & so do we. At the end the club will go on with or without a player n we will stay true to the club & hopefully this transfer saga will come to an end soon.

  15. Arsenal should give Van Persie what he wants,sign worldclass players so that the club can challenge for trophies come next season.

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