Rooney and Draxler: definitely, maybe…

Arsenal fans could only dream of a Rooney & Bendtner strike force.

Morning lovelies.

If you’re into speculative stories, then the current pieces doing the rounds regarding Wayne Rooney will have caught your eye. Everyone’s favourite portly centre-foward has made it clear he wishes to leave United, and such news has put all the big guns on high alert. Chelsea, Bayern Munich and PSG have already – allegedly – made it be known they’re interested. Sports betting sites have radically dropped the odds of him beginning next season in a different strip.

Of course, such startling revelations inevitably bring the question, “should Arsenal be in there bidding?”. As far as I’m concerned, absolutely not. No way. Not in a month of Sunday’s. No sir. What a bloody awful idea.

Wayne Rooney is arguably the most sensationally over-rated footballer of all time. Granted, he does have a degree of enthusiasm and some skill, but on the whole isn’t even remotely as capable as he’s often made out to be. Add to that his temperament, obscene wages and his penchant for ageing ladies of ill-repute, and you’ve got yourself a thoroughly idiotic signing in the making. As you may have gathered, I’m not at all keen on the idea.

But that’s all just supporter talk. One rumour than may have had some truth to it was the one linking us with a move for Schalke’s highly-rated teenager, Julian Draxler. He’s exactly what you’d expect from an Arsenal signing; young, filled with potential and not especially well known. However, just as that story started to gather a head of steam, it’s quickly been banished to the vaults of hogwash since Draxler has signed a new deal with the German club. Since that’s occured, any chance of a deal being done has dropped drastically, and these chances are reflected on many sports betting sites.

In more substantial news, Arsene Wenger has added his name to the many high-profile figures taking a moment to reflect on the whiskey-soaked career of Alex Ferguson. Speaking of his once fierce rival and enemy, the Boss said:

“I would just like to pay tribute to an unbelievable achievement and a fantastic career.

“Basically the achievement is immaculate, when you look at the whole structure and consistency of the achievement. It is, of course, something exceptional.

“It is difficult to imagine English football without him, but it’s now a reality and a fact.

That’s all very nice and respectful, and I wouldn’t dispute the truth of it for a second. But all the drooling sycophancy has grown tiresome. Ferguson has retired. He’s off to a nice retirement home in Scotland where he’ll enjoy tea and biscuits and never bother us again. It should be put to bed once and for all, but instead we’re going to have to endure the likes of Clive Tyldesley bleating endlessly about it whenever the opportunity arises.

It won’t stop. David Moyes won’t be able to pass wind without the smell being compared to that of his predecessor. Throughout the final few games of this season, and the next in its entirety, I am absolutely certain even the most extraneous of occurrence will be linked back to the pickled Scotsman. He’ll not really be all that missed by the majority of English football fans, so please; spare us the platitudes and the love-in, and let the man fade into obscurity. An obscurity that has 7 minutes of added time and a favourable referee.

And that will be about all I have for you today, folks. I would mention the FA Cup final taking place today, I would mention the razzmatazz and spectacle associated with the greatest cup competition in world football, but Arsenal aren’t involved and I, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

All that remains is for me to point you towards the comments section below and hope you’ll use them to share some of your opinions. What are your thoughts about a Rooney transfer? Are you disappointed it appears we have missed out on Draxler? Have you become sick to death with all the Fergie ramblings? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “Rooney and Draxler: definitely, maybe…”

  1. Bottomline with me AFC must bid/buys potent world class striker and maybe a creative midfielder to replace Ramsey!

  2. Bottom line is Rooneys an exceptional player who would improve almost any side, Fact is there is between Zero and a figure with lots of naughts in its chance of coming to The Arsenal, No chance whatsoever but some non-thinkers will lap it up…..

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