Rooney interest could be real, Wanyama scepticism and the not-so ‘special’ one.

These days, Gooners are quick to point out flying pigs…

Evening one and all,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts. Here in Bristol we’ve been blessed with beautiful blue skies and perfect temperatures. I expect it to last no  more than a day at best, quickly reverting back to the dingy grey we’re accustomed to.

Platitudes aside, let’s get down to business.

The media are at their slobbering, sycophantic worst with the return of Jose Mourinho. Heralded as the ‘special one’ by himself, an apotheosis by the media, and names laced with expletives by supporters whose allegiance isn’t the blue of Chelsea, the Portuguese returns to our shores for a second term of getting under everyone’s skin.

Undoubtedly the man is a fantastic football manager. His record across 3 countries speaks for itself. He took Chelsea from also-rans to title winners and knocked us off our perch. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to deny his ability.

And I’m one of the ones that hates him. Well… I say ‘hate’, but what I really mean is he gets on my nerves. Mourinho always puts me in mind of Bobby Robson. Bobby was a genuinely likeable man, he had integrity, humility and class. Beyond the doors of The Emirates, there isn’t a figure in football I have such admiration for. Mourinho, on the other hand, is none of those things; an abhorrent, arrogant and deceitful man with a full-blown case of narcissism.  Jose Mourinho is everything Bobby Robson is not in terms of personalities.

I’m sure with him at the helm Chelsea will immediately be placed as favourites to win the title, and every last second of Sky’s coverage will have to involve him in some way.


I hope he falls flat on his arse and Chelsea flounder embarrassingly, and John Terry explodes on national television for no reason other than he’s John Terry.

I think I’ll lighten the mood with some transfer news. Well… I say “news”…

There are folks more ITK (In The Know) than I who seem to believe the talk of a move for prostitute-enthusiast, Wayne Rooney could actually have a large element of truth to it. Adding fuel to that fire is a quote from Arsene:

Do I find Rooney interesting? Who wouldn’t be interested in him, nobody would turn him down.

That’s certainly set the gossipers gossiping. I don’t read anything into things like that. It’s hardly revealing. Under such questions, a man as comfortable with the media as Arsene is hardly going to say anything other than complimentary. Would Wenger state the opposite if it’s how he truly felt? Nope. He’s hardly going to come out with something like this:

Do I find Rooney interesting? No. I loathe the cretinous lump. He has rocks for brains, and his penchant for ill-repute offends me.

Lastly today, Celtic’s Victor Wanyama. He’s been linked with Arsenal for some time now – he’s a midfield enforcer, and he’s built to cause extreme distress to diminutive, tricky playmakers. Many folks out there seem dead-set on him coming to fill the perceived void in our team. I’ve watched him play a few times, and he looks a decent enough player, but some distance from the finished article.

Call me a sceptical soul if you will, but I’m not sold on him. He reminds me a bit of Yaya Toure, but without the nous, drive and experience. There are occasional bouts of excellence, but as many moments of indiscipline, indolence and bad choices. I’d far rather we opted for someone like Lars Bender, assuming we are after that type of player at all.

And that’s all for today. The comments await below. Your views on Mourinho, Rooney and Wanyama will be greatly appreciated.

I shall return tomorrow with more.

6 thoughts on “Rooney interest could be real, Wanyama scepticism and the not-so ‘special’ one.”

  1. I dnt kw much about Wayama,all i wnt to chip in here is the combination of mrRooney and mr Fabrigas will create a huge impact in the Gunner contending for any trophy nest Wenger should utilise the cash given to him if only he maneges to lure this two players,that will be a massive deal ever.on Morinho that an eccelent come back kudose to him,but remenber that is a game and anything can happen.

  2. I’m just pleased the deadwood clearout has reached the first team. First squillaci and arshavin now denilson. Add to that list santos park chamakh and bendtner and we are on a role. Perhaps fabianski and djourou too though until we bring 5 new signings in there is no need to start on fab and JD. As for my 5 signings well they would be fabregas villa cesar capoue and piczceck. That would mean us paving the way for rosicky gervinho fabianski djourou and sagna to eventually depart, however there will be no need to rush. Those 5 will add strength in depth that we have so lacked in the last few years and allow eisfeld sanogo martinez miquel and jenkinson the chance to go on loan for a season to gain invluable experience before returning and be ready to take their place in the first team squad again.

  3. Wanyama can alternate with Arteta depending on the physicality of the teams we face.

    Mourinho can “fuck a dog” for all I care about Chelsea and their season next year.

    “Rooney” is a class act as a player when he could be arsed. I think Arsene can get a lot out of him if he takes a pay cut. Otherwise happy with Michu or even better Higuain.


  4. Mourinho is a great manager as long as he had millions to squander on world most expensive players. Give him average players and he would fail. The charm is gone. With all the stars at Real Madrid, he ended with Zero. He is going to end in failure this time around. He is definitely overrated beyond his competency. He can never stay long in a team for fear of failures in succeeding years. He had started witnessing diminishing returns before he left Chelsea. He is a ruinner and destroyer. Ask Inter and RM and you would hear tale of woes. He is a psychopath, a deviant and a bad role model. He can only work with men of similar character, a man who is squandering money on a past time called football team when millions are languishing in poverty in his home country despite the fact that the wealth in question was cunningly looted from that country’s collective patrimony. This is definitely, the congregation of the wicked and ungodly who must face the vengeance of God at the appropriate time.

  5. Lars – or perhaps Sven?
    Totally agree re: Mourinho. Quality without class stinks.
    The Rooney rumour is yet another interesting example of the media going on a self-destruct mission. As usual, they linked us with almost every player out there, every name that has appeared anywhere for the past 12 months is back with a vengeance. The only thing is, it’s all too clear that this time, the media are feeding on their own past news. And yes, either of the moves they presage could eventually happen – we live in a world of limitless possibility – but somehow I think when less than 5% of one’s rumours turn out to be true, it kind of disqualifies the rumour-monger.

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