The Armchair Gooner rules…
  1. Thou shalt not use too much text-talk
  2. Thou shalt not call me rude names
  3. Thou shalt not abuse other commenters
  4. Thou shalt not post links to extraneous crap
  5. Thou shalt not support Spurs

Simple rules for a simple site. Follow them, and we’ll get on just fine.

Please note; As the owner, I reserve the right to change the content of any comments that I deem to be annoying me, or contain vitriol to others. I will not be particularly kind when I do so.

6 thoughts on “Rules”

  1. I’ve just read your blog for the first time, after following a link from my usual daily dose of Le Grove. As you might expect, I am a fan of Pedro who writes v.well – in my humble opinion.
    You’ve won a new reader, me! I especially like your Rules, Raul.
    Keep it going. Much respect. DOUG PEACOCK Tiptree, Essex.

  2. James
    Top Site first time i have come across it, won’t be the last
    really loved the great Arsenal moments i remember every single one
    Made my day keep up the good work
    Steve, Okehampton, Devon

  3. I’m not usually one for Blogs, Twitter and all that other time consuming stuff, but, after my usual daily search for transfer headlines on our beloved team, I have discovered and laughed my way through your recent posts…am now a convert and regular reader!

    So refreshing to read well written and grammatically correct pieces…especially after the painful comments made by some of our ‘colleagues’ on other sites!

    Keep it up Raul!

    Ted (like your perception of Sir Chips, a fellow anti-jerry type…they did after all bomb my dad’s favourite chip shop…).

  4. The same news gets regurgitated,but reading it again on your site is refreshing! I love your writing style…signing off with “you beautiful bastards” had me hooked…come on Arsenal!!!!! Stay positive Gooners.

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