Sack Arsene! Keep Arsene! Arsene knows best! Arsene and the board out!

Arsene Wenger; hanging in there.

Afternoon, you lovely people.

Before I begin with today’s post, I feel it’s appropriate I make it clear just how much I revere Arsene Wenger for what he has done for our club. He took over the reigns in the mid-nineties and transformed Arsenal. He didn’t just win trophies, he revolutionised the entire structure and culture. Rightly, he’ll go down in the history books as one of the greatest.

At one point, discussing replacing or sacking him would have been considered unthinkable. At the present, it’s a debate building up a head of steam, and supporters, very quickly. The once ‘Invincible’ manager is facing his toughest time at the club.

For 7 years now we’ve watched as Arsenal have become weaker with each passing summer. We’ve been offered up 3rd/4th place as a trophy and we’ve seen the likes of Fabregas and van Persie leave the club at the peak of their powers – it used to be we’d sell our stars on once they’d given us their best years.

There is theory that the board are responsible for all this – that Gazidis and the other feckless half-wits that run our club have placed Arsene in shackles and he continues to do his best under great constraint. Some folks believe we simply can’t compete in the current financial climate dominated by Manchester City and Chelsea, and we’re pinning our hopes on FFP levelling the playing field.

I don’t buy either as an excuse.

I don’t believe a man as respected and powerful as Arsene Wenger would allow himself to be compromised. More to the point, I don’t believe the club is run without his input. By all accounts, we have money to spend – a fairly huge amount.

There are many things I fail to understand:

  1. Would a manger with genuine title aspirations sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United?
  2. Why not re-invest the money we got for that deal?
  3. Why risk not replacing Alex Song with the fitness of Diaby?
  4. Why not bring in a keeper over the summer when the two reserves are both players we were willing to let leave?
  5. Why not spend £25m on proven quality?
  6. Why are so many average players on enormous salaries?

I admire that the club is run with financial prudence in mind, but I fail to see how we’re competitive at the same time. Arsenal are not a threat to the top 3, and perhaps that’s simply down to their monetary muscles. But, if reports are to be believed, we could go out and spend. Do I think we should shatter our transfer policy? No, but we could certainly incorporate new ideas and change that policy slightly to better suit the times.

I terms of how the bookies see it; it’s a fairly even split between those in favour and those against – I’ve found a site where others have already researched the best offers all in one place.

To summarise; Arsene Wenger has to be held accountable for the fortunes of the team. He may be excused some blame due to board interventions, but issues such as performance, motivation, defending and results lie solely at his door. Arsenal are a shadow of what they used to be on the field.

I think replacing him now would be of no help whatsoever. He still has the managerial nous and ability to turn things around. If things continue along the current road, if Arsenal continue to slip backwards whilst other press forward, then a change at the end of the season may be the right thing to do.

However good Arsene once was, nobody is infallible. Wether you agree with me, or you’re the biggest Arsene apologist out there; things cannot continue as they are.

Thats all for today folks. It’s an interesting debate, this one. There are two camps that wildly disagree with one another, and not much middle ground. Where do you stand? Do you think Arsene’s time is up, or are you still a staunch supporter? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards.

15 thoughts on “Sack Arsene! Keep Arsene! Arsene knows best! Arsene and the board out!”

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  2. I wouldn’t say sacking wenger is a great idea, look @ all what he has done for the club most especially our financial debt, wenger isn’t the one to blame but our board…… They re the ones to blame cos I rly know wenger not to sell his top players unless lyk u said whn they av really performed well 4 d club and its tym 2 sell dem 2 recover smfin 4rm d player. Look @ walcott case, wenger don’t wnt him 2 go but d board re nt willing to do anitin 2 mak him stay. dat means they don’t want to hold on to key players animoe, whn we lost song, van persie and nasri… I wuz bitter cos I knw dey could do smfin 2 keep dem, bhet d board didn’t wnt 2 bhet wenger cannot do anifin if d board re nt willing 2. Kroneke is someone I xpect 2 revolutionize the club bck 2 d wai it used 2 b, bhet am nt seein anitin 4 naw. Am a proud gunner fans in nigera, bhet lyk our former manager graham said ‘arsenal wud soon b lyk d likes of aston villa and co’…. Naw its wats apunin, Am nt an happy fan ere, but I console masef cos I feel d pain for d fans dere watching d match whneva d expected results isn’t gotten especially @ the emirates.
    Wenger should b left alone, cos no other manager can manage arsenal d wai wenger did suscessfully within the space of four yrs, d board re the ones we shud implore 2 mak a turn around 4 the club and mak we the fans happy, not hrt broken. Fank u.

    1. So do you blame the board also for poor team selection, lack of motivation and getting tactics wrong on the day. Wenger is just as much to blame as the board. He too has a part to play in all this.

  3. I would have say Wenger must be sacked because wen know that arsen wenger is not targeting or concentrating wining trophy so we want some one who likes or focusing to win a trophy

  4. arsenne wenger has no problem shift the blame to the board,wage strucure no competitive, no motivates like other club and finally small squad which you cannot rotate .Thanks

    1. I think wenger should go considering the fact that every arsenal’s opponent knows wenger’s style of play. And he still stick to from 18 to 18 tap, tap style. No wonder that his team can no longer stick to even a three goal lead. It’s time for change!

  5. Wenger is banking on the enactment of the FFP rules on the assumption that this will disable the likes of Man C and Chelsea. How will it help him if right now he can not win matches against low budget teams like Norwich, Fulham, sunderland, Qpr etc

  6. @James, now when you mentioned goalkeepers…did you notice how many players claim they rejected offer from Arsenal? (Julio Cesar, Vertonghen, Kouyate)

    Speaking of Wenger, what I don’t understand is his stubborness regarding on-going issues in the team. We’ve needed steel in defense and midfield for years but it seems Wenger tries to copy & paste what Barcelona do. The thing is, even technical side like Los Cules have Carles Puyol as their indispensible member that is both steel in defense and true leader of the team. We have a lot of problems with injuries and prolonged returns that makes me wondering which calendar Wenger is using (remember, WIlshere was supposed to be back after only a month, Diaby’s three weeks never end… Why do we have to suffer because of injuries – fitness coaches, medical staff or Wenger himself?

    It is also rarely mentioned how unreasonable our pre-season was. Our three reinforcements played just one match in pre-season. Cazorla did well while he was fresh as well as Podolski (though Gibbs’ injury hit both of them, especially Podolski) while Giroud needed couple of months to adjust to Arsenal.

  7. A little from column A and a little of column B. sometimes I find myself exasperated (persistence with zonal marking, not replacing players, ‘make do’ signings) and yet I still find myself wondering who could come in and do a better job with the players? Guardiola? Mourhino? I don’t really know if I’m honest. Things feel like they’re getting stale and a change might be needed, but I maybe suffer from the same thing the board does – fear of TW unknown. Dunno…

  8. pls can u guys liveProf Wenger alone, he has done a lot 4 d clu, is jus dat de club is not lucky 2 win hames at di earky stage of the season, but time is coming when all arsenal suppoter will be happy.

  9. Pls let face the true,arsene have don is best but I believe is for him to make up is mind to buy quality or go and for d currect board they are all loser

  10. enough of d blame on d board nd look @ d coach….. wenger is too stubborn 2 accept defeat…. hw wuld a coach tag finishin 3rd or 4th a trophy?? nd we say derez no money to spend… y still kip d lyks of squillaci,chamakh,santos,fabianski etc on d wage bill?? darz lyk ova 200k per week on dem… nd u cant offer RVP 150k per week?? or buy Giroud nd podolski 4 a combined fee of ova 20million nd cant get a Huntelaar/Lewandoski who’d do a beta job… or sell Song nd bank on sme1 who doesnt play mre dan 3games in a season?? or stick 2 a 4-3-3 formation wen ur target man is well suited in a 4-4-2 formation?? or kip ur best player on d bench nd start a ramsey who cant even play in his preferred position without fumbling?? or kip playin Arshavin outwide wen u can get d best out of him playin in the hole nd leave cazorla on d pitch wen hez out of form??
    Wenger has lost dat competitive edge…. nd if u tink hez d only coach out dere who’d do a beta job… take a luk @ Jurgen Klopp nd i bet u, u’d say oda wise…. am dne

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