Sagna could leave, Henry might stay until May, and BOOOOOO!

Everyone’s got the right to protest.

Morning folks.

It’s 5am. Why I am awake at such a ghastly hour? Work primarily, but an acute inability to sleep has also contributed. As you all enjoy a rewarding slumber (UK residents, at the very least), I’m guzzling caffeine and sporting an odd look of bewilderment. This post may make little or no sense…


I thought I’d boo myself momentarily.

Booing is something of a bone of contention. In recent weeks, debates have raged between fans about the reasons why it’s done, and the reason’s why it should not be. This has lead to those that regularly attend matches branding those that don’t/can’t as “muppets”, and those branded as muppets to gloriously retaliate by changing their Twitter avatars to Kermit or Fozzy Bear. All a bit silly.

I stand somewhere between the two booing arguments. As someone unable to frequent the Emirates as much as I’d like, I feel it would be both arrogant and idiotic of me to tell those dedicated/fortunate fans that do how to behave. I have absolutely no right. If supporters shelling out obscene amounts of money on tickets feel the need to be heard, to articulate their inner feeling by using a peculiar, nasal sound, then that’s their right to do so. I certainly wouldn’t cast aspersions from here in drizzly Bristol.

But it does have an adverse effect, and is counterproductive. Tomas Rosicky agrees. He had this to say on the howls of derision around the ground:

“I can understand the frustrations, I am an Arsenal fan as well when I am not playing.

“It is understandable but we have some young guys and this is not helping. We have to all stick together, which is what we did last season when everyone was writing us off”

Booing might get a point across, and announce to the Club’s owners that there is displeasure in the air, but it is only going to effect the players, and the performance of the team. I agree with doing it, perhaps not during play, however.

Elsewhere in news, The Independent is reporting Thierry Henry has agreed to return to Arsenal next month, and this time his triumphant return could be until the end of the season.


I’m not booing Thierry, but the mendacious nature of that story. Poppycock, it is. I really cannot imagine the New York Red Bulls would be having any of that. Not one little bit. It’s alleged those that run the American team are already against their prize asset playing during the “soccer break”. Can you  imagine Arsenal proposing to rob them of Henry for a 3rd of the MLS season would be received with anything other than disdain? Me neither…

Lastly, Bacary Sagna. Our French full-back has declared his happiness at Arsenal, but those pesky rumours of his imminent departure persist. More rumours have spread about a less-than-generous contract offer from Arsenal. It all appears to be similar to the Walcott situation; there are so many stories printed about what could happen, that it is impossible to know what to believe. Just wait and see, that’s my advice.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow shall bring team news and a match preview (better than my last, quite frankly, shit attempt). Until that time, please leave me a comment with your thoughts, words of cheer, and general abuse. I welcome all three.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot; BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

6 thoughts on “Sagna could leave, Henry might stay until May, and BOOOOOO!”

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  2. I just want the team to show more passion and Ramsey sent on loan! 3 points Saturday! Yeah! I plan on attending a match soon and I won’t boo one bit for money I’m paying I’m going to take in every minute of the experience and root the Gunners on! Peace

  3. i understand you are probably angry with all the arsenal situation, me to, but, you should atleast have a bit of courtesy while talking on this site my friend. about the rumours, i would that thierry joins us as soon as possible, we need his assistance and am happy that sagna said that butthe board should give him his contract before its too late coz we cant afford to lose any more of our y’all my wonderful gunners!

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