Sanchez For Mkhitaryan And Walcott To Everton?

Afternoon, folks.

I’ve a couple of days off and really beginning to get myself back into this whole blogging malarkey. So, with that in mind I figured I’d put fingers to keyboard and offer up some of my views on the player recruitment rumours I’ve seen sat here at my desk. As an aside, when I type things like “offer my views” there’s a little part of me that cringes inside. I think it can sound a little conceited, as if I’m saying:

“Here are my thoughts that, doubtless to say, you’ve all been on tenterhooks to hear. Sit back, relax and imbibe my greatness as I make up your respective minds for you”

I’m sure it doesn’t come across that way too much…

Anyway, I’m rambling…

The first rumour/hogwash I came across was breaking news that Man United have decided to try and hijack their neighbours’ attempts to sign Alexis Sanchez with an offer of their own – said to be £25m and/or the services of Henrik Mkhitaryan (The guy with the inferior scorpion kick). Whilst I have absolutely no doubts there is anything to this story other than complete and utter horsesh*t, it is kind of interesting. Mkhitaryan is a good player and could be a good player at Arsenal, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near the level of Alexis Sanchez. He’s not the same type of player, first at foremost. He’s more along the lines of a creator like Ozil, but not anywhere near as good as him, either.

But £25m plus a good squad addition for a want-away forward with mere months left on his contract is good business, and there’s no reason why we could make additions on top of that. Of course, we’d have to sell to Mourinho and strengthen his team, and that isn’t something anyone should do willingly. Most importantly of all, I seriously doubt Alexis would trade working with Guardiola again for that scruffy, perpetually-miserable a*sehole.

Elsewhere, and more likely to be true, The Telegraph insist Theo Walcott will have his wages matched by Everton and they’re willing to pay us £25m. When you consider Theo was still left on the bench behind Alex Iwobi yesterday after the young forward’s recent indiscretions, it isn’t unfair to assume his Arsenal career is coming to an end. Whether you think that’s a shame or good riddance at this point is entirely up to you – I’m personally quite mixed about it. There’s a lot to like about what Theo has done at Arsenal, but it’s always coupled with a sense it could/should have been a lot more. Injuries and bad luck struck him and the most inopportune of moments and he’s always scored goals when given a lengthy run in the team. I doubted him myself at one point and he proved me wrong.

Perhaps a move to a new team will do him the world of good and it frees up a place for Arsenal to go and get someone better. Assuming that’s the case, I’d be all for it.

That’s all for now. What are your thoughts? As we plod slowly towards the middle of January, it’s likely we’ll start to see the cogs of motion begin to move and players leave and come in. Who that might be at this stage is anyone’s guess, I just hope we have a definitive plan to resolve what is becoming quite a silly situation with player contracts. It’s worth remembering that Mesut Ozil is free to negotiate with any Club in Europe at the moment – a fact that seems to be forgotten in the Alexis Sanchez circus.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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