Sanogo for the Cup, Giroud’s Philandering and a Summer of Changes

Arsenal fans took their expressions of rage to dangerous lengths…

Morning, folks.

As you might imagine, the Stoke defeat is still firmly sticking in the throat of many. Losing is one thing, it happens, but when the display is so toothless and inept at a time it needed to be anything but, you can understand why the folks out there are so angry.

Anger and frustration are understandable. When that transfers into hatred and bile, and our fans take to bickering amongst one another, I find it’s a good idea to step away from it all. Why waste your time with people who seem more eager to point you towards the supposed failings of others than they do with supporting their team? It’s a waste of time, folks.

Focus amongst my peers and collaborators has been on the fixture with Everton at the weekend. Rightly, most see the FA Cup as our most ‘winnable’ competition.  Much of the debate surrounds what sort of team should be fielded for that game. Some out there believe Arsenal should concentrate on the domestic match and rotate for the following trip to Bayern Munich. Whilst it’s difficult to dispute the merits of leaving key figures out of a Champions League fixture almost certainly untenable, I struggle with the concept of doing so.

Is writing that game off essentially giving up? Granted, it’s a task bordering on impossible, but there is a chance. After all, we won at the Allianz Arena last year. In my opinion the focus correctly shouldn’t be on either, but both. I would like to see Arsenal travel to Germany and have a go, not field a weak team and exit the Champions League with a whimper.

Another talking point is the striking option for the two games. I’m certain many of you will disagree, but I would opt to play Sanogo in both fixtures. Since his… shall we say… ‘discretions’, Olivier Giroud hasn’t looked altogether at the races. His head appears elsewhere, most notably at Stoke when he appeared yards of the pace and unusually bullied by the opposition.

I’m not trying to make a case here for Sanogo being the better player, just maybe the better option at the moment. He is young and untested, but has shown enough in his two starts to make me believe it’s not too big a risk.  Perhaps the unpredictable nature of his play and the fact he is relatively unknown might work in our favour.

Lastly, the summer. With Sagna now looking increasingly unlikely to sign a new deal and Vermaelen’s lack of first team opportunities looking certain to unsure he moves on, there could be a large overhaul in the summer. Lukas Podolski too could be shown the door as I’m convinced there is a rift between him and Arsene, of sorts.

With that in mind, I thought I’d cut today’s post short and leave it open to all you lovely folks reading. Use the comments below to give me a list of you incomings and outgoings for the summer. I shall look forward to reading some.

That’s all for today. Check my podcasting appearance with the lovely fellas from Suburban Gooners if you’ve an urge to hear more of my Bristolian tones.

I shall return with more tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Sanogo for the Cup, Giroud’s Philandering and a Summer of Changes”

  1. Very good blog ! POLDi is too inflexible,he has had plenty chances..OG seems to be feeling sorry for himself,must get on with it. The team aren’t used to Ozil yet.When they click,watch out.

  2. I’m not sure there’s a rift between Wenger and Podolski. Podolski’s problem in my view is that he doesn’t affect the game enough. For a striker he’s not very mobile. Sure, he can finish, but only that shouldn’t be enough, should it?

  3. sagna- surely he’s disappointed with the lack of trophies after all these years. but i think he’s also disappointed and maybe disillusioned with how the club has dealt with his contract. i have no inside information on the negotiations, but we all know arsenal is notorious for sticking adamantly with their valuation in terms of transfer fees and wages. if the issue is wages and term, i think arsenal should be more accommodating with sagna’s interests.

    but i think, sagna might have already decided he wants to move on and try newer challenges and maybe brighter prospects of trophies. i really wouldn’t blame him if he leaves. he’s been one of the most committed, consistent player for arsenal over a number of years. so if he leaves, i would look at him as a loyal and committed servant of the club during his time. but please sagna, don’t join city, liverpool or chelsea or any club i can’t stand.

    vermaelen- what a promising start to his arsenal career. but it’s been downhill for the captain in recent times. of course, the excellent partnership between per and laurent is keeping him off the starting 11 and he’s clearly desperate for regular playing time. he might accompany sagna out the door. i wouldn’t blame him either, but i’d really love him if he’d stay.

    podolski- hammer of a left foot. good season last year. experienced international. lack of regular playing time this season. i’m afraid he’s off too. what a shame though, i love poldi, but i don’t see him staying beyond the summer.

    other departures- the GSTEL, perhaps miyaichi, where is park? etc etc.

    some good news- rosicky, cazorla, and mertesacker look like they’re going to extend theirs contracts. their experience and skill would be awesome as well as the continuity in terms of the squad.

    incomings- i dunno. i’m not very good in transfer incomings or who we should sign. what we know for sure is that wenger likes surprises (sometimes good like ozil or not really good like an injured swede). so let’s see. jovetic was a signed arsenal player according to the tabloids as early as april last year. by that standard we should have signed mata, hazard, practically all the great players in the league. but we need a striker, a CB, a DMF, a RB if sagna leaves, a back up GK when fabianski leaves, and a forward player/winger.

    regarding the striking options, i think it could go both ways. wenger might sign a high quality striker or a highly promising one like alvaro morata. or he might say at the end of the summer transfer window- we have giroud and sanogo. i suspect that he’s hesitant to give up or look like he’s giving up on giroud and sanogo. he already speaks highly of sanogo. i dunno.

    but maybe, he may not sign a striker at all and bring in other players. remember, many arsenal fans were demanding a defender when he signed arshavin. and he signed ozil when we thought that we needed a striker. maybe it’s intention or maybe it’s out of compulsion or other reasons, wenger does surprise us every now and then, so let’s see.

    woah. what a long comment. apologies if you got tired reading through. at least i had the help of a glass of scotch to go through the process of this latest rambling of mine.

  4. Why do i get the feeling like a team of this formation may just secure passage at the expense of Bayern?

    ——–Vermalean, Martesacker, Kosienly,
    ——————–Ox – Ozil – Carzola/Rosicky

    3 Man Centre Back, Sagna and Flamini playing the Wing backs with the wind their responsibility creating a a mobile transition from defense to attack. The Ox, Ozil and Carzola of Rosicky (for either Ozil of Carzola), play a 3 CAM and with options in the wings, they are deadly. Sanogo…Let Giroud cool a little…

  5. I love Poldi and Sagna and really want to see both of them stay. I like Vermaelen but I’ve seen him make some costly mistakes so I’m not quite sure about him. If we could get some really good backups I would be ok with that. Always enjoy your blogs.

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