Santi Cazorla or Mesut Ozil Centrally? Favourites For The FA Cup?

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Morning, folks.

I’m writing this post to you last night. I’ve just finished watching Gone Girl (which is darkly, unsettlingly brilliant) in enough time to see Philippe Coutinho curl a winner for Liverpool at Bolton in the final minutes of the game (which was darkly, unsettlingly brilliant). Brendan Rodgers is currently goose-stepping manically about his technical area in celebration as that horrendous beak on his face disrupts the Earth’s gravity. The massive c*nt.

The FA Cup, aye…

Few could dispute England’s most traditional competition represents our most likey avenue for success. With the shocks of the previous round reverberating throughout the land, Arsenal find themselves in a position where the competition now appears jarringly winnable.

However, this will be a sentiment shared by both Liverpool and Manchester United. Louis van Gaal may look like a poorly inflated corpse, but he is not known for his modesty – he rarely does anything other than bleat out of his asre about how oh-so bloody wonderful he is, so, doubtless to say, he fancies his side’s chances. 

Rodgers I’m sure will feel the same and they’ve every right to. As an Arsenal fan, I believe we can dispatch any of the remaining teams should we perform to the best of our abilities on the day. We have a formidable attacking array and are beginning to look like a solid unit in the other areas of the pitch.

At this stage, I’d not like to label anyone team as “favourites”. As always, luck will play its part and given what we’ve seen thus far, it wouldn’t be wise to assume a winner will come from the aforementioned 3.

As the Spurs game fast approaches, discussions regarding our ideal starting XI for the game rage across the internet. When you get past faceless profiles feeling the need to hurl profanities at one another, there are points of merit to be found. Most question the ideal player to be played centrally in attacking midfield; Cazorla or Ozil?

My answer is simple: both. They both have the attributes to hurt teams and both have the talent to freely alternate across the pitch. I don’t think the solution needs to be to drop one and restrict the other to staying in a particular area. Our attacks work best with a degree of unpredictably.

I’ve viewed plenty of games where the broadcaster’s line-up suggest one player will start in a set area, only to see evidence of the front 3 behind Olivier Giroud regularly swapping with one another. Perhaps defensively we could suffer slightly with Ozil on the left as he’s not renowned for his enthusiasm tracking runners backwards, but as a unit we’ve seemed a lot better at coping recently, and he’s contributed to that.

But, hey – I’m not a football manager. I’m some idiot sat behind a keyboard talking to all of you (all 3 of you). What the bloody hell do I know? Not a great deal, to be brutally honest. I’m a huge fan of football, I know my stuff but I wouldn’t consider myself a student of the game. Arsene Wenger, he seems to know a little more than me. I’ll go with what he thinks is best.

Right, that’s all for today, folks. The comments await you below. Do you have a preference in the ‘No10 role’? Do you believe we are favourites to win the FA Cup? Do you have views on anything you feel like sharing? Let me know.

I shall return tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as awlays: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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4 thoughts on “Santi Cazorla or Mesut Ozil Centrally? Favourites For The FA Cup?”

  1. On form Cazorla deserves the no 10 spot. But how do you keep a player like Ozil out ?
    Bench Walcott play Sanchez on the right and Ozil on the left.

  2. Ignatius Mugutso ,Ozil is brilliant on the ball and nothing away from it.Carzola is an all-rounder.he defends when out of possession wins tussles and create great chances from them and is all a clinical finisher but does not command the respect of coach the way Oezil does. my dream 11 on Saturday agrees with that of lance peters in everything

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