Serge Aurier In? James Milner In? Arsene’s Contract and £100m To Spend.


Morning, folks.

Do you still have FA Cup fever? Are you currently enjoying the warm, fuzzy feeling that only a delicious triumph can provide? I am. I’m also hit with the realisation that the season is over, and it’s flown past, hasn’t it? Seems like time truly does fly when you’re having fun (for the most part).

With that, you know full well what looms on the horizon waiting to takeover everything; transfer talk. Yes, folks – brace yourselves, the maelstrom of ballyhoo, misinformation, speculation and wondrous cackling is almost upon us. Well… You could argue it’s already here.

Now that we’ve done and dusted the season, the attention turns to who will go, who’ll stay and who’ll come into the team ready for next August. Mercifully though, the news that has already begun to filter through is of the good variety.

Most of what you’ll read surrounds a new deal for Arsene Wenger that should see our French manager sign on for a further 3 years with a whopping £100m at his disposal to bolster the squad. Good news. News that certainly comes at the most opportune of moments, but good news nonetheless. He may have his doubters, some of what they say may have a degree of merit, but I see no man better to push Arsenal forward over the new few years than Arsene.

There are also a few potential incomings being brandished. We’ve all heard the talk of Serge Aurier coming in from Toulouse. He’s pretty much an exact clone of Sagna from his earlier days and from little I’ve seen he strikes me as an ideal replacement for Bac, who, it would appear, is all set to leave. That’s a great shame, but after 7 years of very good service, it’s a little tough to be angry about anything. Sagna has always given his all for Arsenal. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go to Manchester City.

The name that made me double take when I read it is James Milner. Not the first player I’d have put on any lists. Initially, I was a little “meh” about it, but after a few moments of thought I started to warm to the idea. He’s a reliable figure to have in the squad, an experienced international and one of those players that you can always count on to give 100%. He certainly isn’t the ostentatious signing we’d all hope for, but some distance from an appalling idea.

And that’s all of any note today. Certainly a whole lot of speculation, but we’re in for quite a bit of that now the football has come to an end. I’ll finish with a quick nod in the direction of a new page for donations I’ve set up. Running a website and acquiring good equipment for podcasting isn’t cheap and in order to get all those things to perform to the best of my abilities isn’t always something I can do by myself. So, feel free to donate a little something. I promise I won’t spend it on anything nefarious. Promise.

So, folks – drop me a comment below with your thoughts on Arsene’s new deal and those names being mentioned as incomings. Do you like the idea of Milnber. Are you happy with Arsene’s supposed new deal? Let me know.

I shall return tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “Serge Aurier In? James Milner In? Arsene’s Contract and £100m To Spend.”

  1. Milner solid but technically uninspiring.looks like he’s running in treacle.past his best which was never that good outcasts should not be what we are aiming for people

  2. It will be very good if Arsene could extend his contract and sign more best players in order to booster the squad for next season .

  3. I think Serge is the best replacement for Sagna. Been hearing. Alexis Sanchez is on the list as well as Milner. All I hope is that we get a really good RB and a really good striker as I doubt any WC striker will be on the market or that Wenger would spend market price for one. We also need a pacy physical DM and a winger. Hopefully, we’ll get all these and Wenger’ll make our dreams come true 🙂

  4. There’s a lot of news regarding Wenger activating the clauses in Vela’s and Fabregas’s contracts. Vela would be good at less than 5m, as he would add some depth in the attack. Not sure on Fabregas though, we already have brilliant playmakers in Ozil, Cazorla, and Rozza (and Diaby!). Thoughts?

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