Signings, letters, groups, disharmony and the Champions League.

“Dear Mr Wenger, it is with a heavy heart I must call for your immediate death, and refer to you as a “C” at every given opportunity”

Afternoon, boys ‘n’ girls.

I’m tired. Not a little pooped or weary, but the kind of tired that unleashes delirium and causes me to laugh senselessly at just about anything. I’ve had quite the busy weekend. This post will probably make little or no sense. At present, I’m chuckling to myself. Not entirely sure what about.


Where do we go from here? Tough question. Out there in Goonerland is a huge amount of negativity, unrest and temper tantrums. Some of you are calling for Arsene Wenger to be publicly flayed and shot, others have their blinkers on, eager to muster up whatever excuses they can.

I believe we will make signings. I believe they might not be especially well planned acquisitions, and unlikely to be the kind of huge marquee arrival we’re all hoping for. Arsene Wenger is like one of those dithery old ladies you encounter in Tesco; happy to spend 45 minutes perusing the biscuit section, only to be forced to frantically fill the shopping basket once the PA system announces the shop closes in 10 minutes.

It still baffles me why we didn’t set set out to conduct our business in the early months of pre-season. Others managed to do so with minimal fuss. Excuses regarding the difficulty and availability of players strike me as weak attempts to placate those of us who questions the Club’s actions.  It baffles me, but it’s entirely irrelevant.

What’s important is the now. We can all harp-on about what could, or should, have been done as much as we like. It changes nothing. My focus is on what will be done going forward. Champions League qualification is very far from assured, and perhaps our ability to recruit still hangs by that delicate thread. Defeat in Turkey could have more than just financial implications.

As fans, our paramount concern should be to get behind the players. Our current group might be small, but they have talent and there’s some fighters amongst them. They need us. It’s far from their fault the situation they find themselves in. Jeers and songs of displeasure, regardless of how warranted, won’t help during the 90 minutes of game time.

Suppoeter groups and open-ended letters to the board are all well and good. I’ve never been one for that kind of thing, personally. No set of initials represent my views, I do. That’s not meant to disparage those groups at all. Some of them I agree with whole-heartedly, others strike me as pompous and run by self-important cretins who just like to hear themselves speak.  My advice to everyone reading would be to make up your own minds, and remember that these groups only represent you if you choose them to.

Moving forward, I hope to see change of some variety. Arsenal have had an appalling start and it was absolutely avoidable.  Few can dispute Wenger has made mistakes, but his ability to rectify what has occurred is what counts now. He still can turn the tide, but his days may well be numbered if he chooses to offer up more excuses.

As per usual, all we can do is wait and see.

That’s all for today folks. I’m now going to have a nap. Yes – I do feel like an elderly man stating such things, but my eyes are so heavy at this point, I don’t particularly care. I’ll head to the comments to read a few of your thoughts once I’ve woken up.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

17 thoughts on “Signings, letters, groups, disharmony and the Champions League.”

  1. absolutely astonishing that any manager can go 8 years (and earned 50 mill) without winning anything and not be ousted by the supporters.
    This is YOUR team…not Wengers and the boards.
    Get some backbone !


    1. @rog/dav:

      This comment confuses me. Is it Rog or Dav writing?


      I just walked to the lavatory by myself. As it happens, I frequently walk alone. Are Liverpool supporters like girls, in as much as they accompany one another every where?

      1. While i agree with ya about the pool supporters theyre not as bad as your lot. Crying for months about suarez not being allowed to leave and liverpool treating him like a slave. Now its Wengers fault, no wait its the boards fault, hang on its ______________ fault. I’m not suprised you’re confused. Arsenal fans seem to be confused about everything these days

  2. I totally agree with you, i will never bash the players because they are a pawn in this as we are. Arsene is just a cheap man who wants to buy players late on the cheap, however this time his plan backfire as we were beaten by Villa and now clubs realized the Arsenal is desperate and will just heighten the price of any players that Aresnal wants.

  3. The damage is done,
    It will take more than 2 weeks to turn this around.

    Was wenger really that stubborn or nieve to neglect the need to strengthen the squad at the start of the transfer window?

    Or is there something far more sinister behind this all…
    Maybe wenger is holding the club to ransom over his contract renewal?
    Or is he on his way out and feels the need to do as much damage as possible before he goes?

  4. I highly doubt we are going to sign anyone. It would fit with Wenger’s vanity to leave our squad in the horrible state for his heir. Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta and now Giroud all called out for new signings. That suggests that Wenger’s policy isn’t accepted even among the players. Remember, Koscielny said he is going to leave Arsenal unless we are competitive. At this point, I’d put more money on “Koscielny leaving Arsenal in summer 2014” than on “Arsenal making a marquee signing in summer 2013”.

  5. Once again, them’s is wise words.
    Unfortunately we must now accept that any purchase we make, will in the eyes of the media and the gullible sheep that follow, be a “knee jerk reaction” to Saturday’s debacle.
    I cannot believe that this is the case. We cannot surely suffer the ignominy of this happening again can we? The whole thing appears to have been a totally mismanaged PR disaster. It makes us look like the laughing stock world football. Surely they must be able to see it in the upper echelons of our once proud and glorious club?
    I mean lets be honest, who in their right minds makes a massive statement of intent, brags about a war chest then fails to deliver, it really makes us look like mugs.
    Think of another industry where this would be allowed to happen?
    Just think about what happened to Ratner’s after Gerald Ratner basically called his customer demographic “scum”? I’m pretty certain you can no longer find one of their shops to buy a crappy piece of jewellery from.
    How much longer before it happens to Arsenal……..

  6. I’m also baffled as to why the transfer business couldn’t be completed earlier. What’s your take on the theory that we need to wait to see if we qualify for the CL? Surely the course of action required was obvious from May last year when we secured the qualifying spot, make sure we have the squad in place to win the qualifying games. This would be an easy sell to players that we are trying to sign, convince them that we have ambition and that we will make sure we qualify. If the “wait till we qualify” theory does have some truth to it then it must be a purely accounting based theory, ie, you cannot spend the money until you have guaranteed the revenue stream. It’s becoming harder and harder to believe that this isn’t true.

    1. That theory could be right, Arsenal want to have their cake and eat it at the same time, they claim that they have 70m to spend but they dont want to do that unless their qualification is secure, so the question is, DO ARSENAL WANT TO WIN TROPHIES OR TO MAKE MONEY?

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