Smokin’ Jack Wilshere, injury setBacs, and fluff, guff and stuff.

Ronaldinho was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Afternoon/Evening, or to quote Sheldon Cooper, “Prevening”

Today is one of those days where I urged to write my the nagging sensation in my head saying to me, “James, you’re neglecting your readers”.

Perhaps I am doing just that. Goodness knows, I’ve been far removed from my usual punctilious self. With all the podcasting going on, and events in my personal life ensuring even the smallest detail is being uprooted and thrown into chaos, the remaining time is for sleeping and moments of cogitation. I am just one person without a network of associates. Because of this, I am sure to flounder. 

However, I will not leave completely. No, sir. Not by a long shot. I’ll be around for some considerable time to ensure those that do frequent this blog frequently get at least a reasonable dose of my rambling drivel.

So, shall we get onto the news? Yes, let’s…

The main story has been the incredible media frenzy and scandal about Jack Wilshere. He was, rather stupidly, caught outside a nightclub smoking a cigarette. Naughty, naughty, Jack.  Let’s remember that he wasn’t lit to the gills on uncut heroin and firing an Uzi at passers-by. He had a cigarette. He wasn’t marauding about London covered in blood brandishing an axe. He had a cigarette.

There are immeasurably worse things he could be doing. Okay, his behaviour wasn’t exactly ideal, and not the best example to set for his legions of young fans. But, Jesus – he’s a young man. Those of you out there who haven’t made a silly mistake in your lives, feel free to have a pop. The rest, well… perhaps it might not be a bad idea if you shut your f**king mouths.

However, I did raise a smile at Jack’s responce on Twitter:

Arsene himself wasn’t exactly enamoured with Jack’s antics, and will be having some stern words. I suspect a grounding, with PlayStation privileges being removed for at least a week.

“Well, I disagree completely with that behaviour,” Wenger, speaking at Friday’s pre-match press conference, said.

“I need to have a chat with him about that. (What I say) I will leave between him and me.

And that’s where it should end. Let the manager deal with it, at the rest of the faux look-at-how-virtuous-and-well-to-do-we-are outrage can all be put to bed.

News on the team front sees another addition to the Arsenal treatment room. Keeping Abou Diaby company at his luxury apartment will be Bacary Sagna, who has suffered a hamstring injury against Napoli. The prognosis is a 3 week absence, and we’ll all have to hope it actually is only 3. Time for Jenkinson to step up and show us his mettle.

That’s all for today, I shall leave you with a request. I’m recording another Goonersphere Podcast soon, and like to feature questions from readers and Twitter followers. If you’d like the chance for your question to be read out on the show, drop me one below in the comments.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Smokin’ Jack Wilshere, injury setBacs, and fluff, guff and stuff.”

  1. Thanks for posting! I was just about to go to sleep here in India! A question: who do you think will be our player of the year?

    1. Too early to talk about that Veer. Still a lot more to come from the team, especially after the injured players return and compete for starting places.

  2. Just obey the old man Jack, and he makes you become a great footballer who even yourself never think of. Or follow Cruyff, not Zidane smoking habits, and than die by lung cancer 30-40 years from now. The choices is your!

  3. James, what effect do you think the new 4-2-3-1 will have on our chances?

    I’m really excited about it because we can play Arteta AND ‘The Flame’ in holding midfield, and the three wizards behind Giroud won’t go missing during games (see: Walcott).

    Your thoughts?

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