Song’s singing, Gotze’s not going and M’Vila news.

Gotze was furious with the amount of stray snails on the pitch.

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Today, I’m probably a little behind due to most of the news stories having broken soon after yesterday’s post. I would have updated, but I had a hell-worthy day at work and I wasn’t afforded the luxury of time.

First up is Alex Song. He’s reportedly been offered a new contract by Arsenal – somewhere in the region of £75k-a-week. This season, I think he’s shown a vast improvement in his ability to contribute in the final third. This has lead to a slight neglect for his defensive responsibilities, but Mikel Arteta’s wise head and ability to cover his position have concealed the fact. He’s become an increasingly more important member of the team, and I think securing his future is a good thing.

One person who’s definitely signed a new deal, sadly, is Dortmund’s tricky playmaker, Mario Gotze. Having signed until 2016 with the German side, Gotze stated:

“Everyone knows how comfortable I feel in Dortmund. The club are far from finished with their recent resurgence. And I want to be part of this development.

With Eden Hazard showing all the class and restraint of a seasoned hooker addled with crystal meth, Gotze was chief amongst those singled out as a summer buy. It’s bad news, but far from catastrophic. There are many more options out there.

Finally, There’s Yaan M’Vila. He’s a player who’s got huge expectations on his shoulders, and will leave Rennes in the summer. The big guns around Europe could well start queuing up for him, but his destination is still rumoured to be Arsenal throughout the press. We’ve already bid once, and who’s to say there wasn’t an accord struck between the clubs during that period? One can only hope.

There isn’t much else to report. We’ve got to wait a couple of days until news of the game at QPR begins to surface. Until then, I’ll love you and leave you. Apologies is today’s entry seems brief – I’ve my column to do at Arsenal Vision, and I’m bloody tired.

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One thought on “Song’s singing, Gotze’s not going and M’Vila news.”

  1. Not too disappointed about Mario he’ll keep for a couple of years yet! We can turn our attention to slightly maturer options and with Walcott looking like he has taken on the boo-boys maybe we don’t need any more wide-men!

    I too hope there has been a cord* linking us with Yaan, or Yann as I like to call him!

    *see what I did there? … I’ll get my coat!

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