‘Sources’ say Robin has agreed a contract with Man City. Who are these ‘sources’?

Big Ted: source of all the information – he’s an ‘ITK’…

Evening, folks.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the various ‘exclusives’ and such that perpetually float around news outlets. ‘Sources’ – allegedly reliable ones – say that Robin has agreed a contract with Man City – a deal that was done as far back as March. The wages are said to be in the region of £225k-per-week. A hefty sum, to say the very least.

As I touched on in yesterday’s post, sources are essentially a way of legitimising bullshit. Sources could be anyone. They could be a pensioner hobbling down to the CoOp for biscuits who just happens to know each integral detail of Nicklas Bendtner’s preferred destination when he leaves Arsenal. My Bear, Big Ted, could be a source. He could have a wealth of knowledge to pass on regarding Theo Walcott’s contract stipulations that mean he’s allowed 75 minutes a day to concentrate on his Pokemon collection.

Point being; these people are simply making things up, and the luxury of possessing too much integrity to reveal their sources allows them to do so. It’s a two-way street. My sources inform me Oliver Holt regularly performs fellatio on homeless men whilst  Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’ plays in the background. I can’t reveal my sources, however. But I can say it wasn’t Big Ted – he’d have nothing to do with that fucking prat.

All this farrago of misinformation does is make us all that bit more aware of how insane this time of year is. Nobody can truly know where Robin’s thoughts are at this moment, with the exception of him and a few important folks at Arsenal. I hope we’d not sell him to City – I’d like to think we’ve done enough business with them over the years.

Worst of all – I’ve no idea where I’m going with this, by the way – is the waiting. We wait. We wait some more. We hope news will arrive. It doesn’t. We wait. Robin van Persie is a great captain, he could become an Arsenal legend if that captaincy leads to some silverware. It’s hard to deny he’d have better opportunities to win things elsewhere, but that sweet taste of success won’t be the same as it would be in the red of Arsenal.

Time alone will tell where this goes. I still hold a degree of hope he’ll be with us for a while longer. What I don’t do is pay any attention to is the media – they’d sell each and every one of us unbridled horseshit if they though their careers would even slightly benefit. I intend to wait until the story breaks officially.

That’s me done for today, folks. It was a bit of a disjointed and odd post today, wasn’t it? Sometimes I like to write from the top of my head without stopping and post the results – I figure it’s an honest way of doing it.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I look forward to hearing your views on the subject in the comments.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “‘Sources’ say Robin has agreed a contract with Man City. Who are these ‘sources’?”

  1. “Raul”… I always enjoy reading your blog, you don’t always get it right (but then who does ?) but your views are always refreshing and well written, with a good sprinkling of humour… Keep ’em coming fella.

    Like you, I am clinging to the hope that RVP will stay and extend his contract with us, but I have a nagging doubt in my mind that there might just be an element of truth in these reports (despite the ‘sources’) as this might explain why Wenger and Co, were so keen to place a ‘gagging order’ on RVP before the Euro 2012 tournament started, to give them time to bring in some replacements (i.e Podolski and Giroud) before breaking the news to us long suffering gooners that RVP has decided to move on.. If this does turn out to be the case (as you said time will tell) then I hope they haven’t sold him to Man City, as you rightly said we have done more than enough business with those vultures in recent seasons.

    Nothing else we can do here now, but wait, and wait a bit more… Can’t be too much longer now can it ?


  2. I dont think I’ve ever read your blog before but wish I had. The honest ramblings of a gooner sick of all the usual media bullshit – brilliant

    I hope to hear some more of big teds misadventures!


  3. yeah seriously this is just piss in the wind hysteria. Absolute bollocks! lets hope the repercussions don’t do any damage!!

    keep up the slandering of the transfers jimbo…bout time someone did!

  4. Well well, As sad as it might be, i think football being the business it is, there is an amount that Arsenal will accept. The thing guys tend to forget that RVP has a full one year to go on his contract, its not his decision alone to make, the club may well decide not to sell him. Have Arsenal agreed to sell? that’s the main question. I am of the opinion that should we be offered mega money that we can use to bring in more quality players then we will be good, will be sad to see RVP go, personally i think his biggest objective would be to win trophies as captain of arsenal, i cant put a figure to that, History would immortalize him. Otherwise he will be just another x arsenal player out there as the commentators call them all the time…

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