Spurs want Theo, Euro 2012 final, transfer news and stuff.

Theo tried his luck with a “duck face” pose.

Afternoon/evening folks.

Apologies for my lack of product yesterday. I had one of those days . You know the ones I mean? It was one of those occasions where Murphy’s law applies – “if anything can go wrong, it will”.

But I have triumphantly returned to hear of new Spurs boss (It’s not official yet, is it?) , Andre Villas Boas being on the hunt for our very own Theo Walcott. Undoubtedly, this is the product of idle minds in the world of journalism, and I seriously doubt we’d sell Theo to that lot. However, I’m not exactly what you’d call the staunchest of supporters for Theo. Don’t get me wrong, I like him – on his day, he can be a real threat. My problem is his consistency. He will be shit-awful is equal measure. For every good moment, there’s an instance where you could happily scream yourself hoarse with frustration.

It’s also alleged he wants his pay in-line with the other senior England internationals – his figure of choice is said to be £100k. He isn’t worth that. I know many of you folks out there disagree, and that’s absolutely fine. My challenge for you is simple; make a case for him, don’t just use the comments section as a means of showing you can spell the more profane words in the English language. If you think I’m wrong, then tell me why.

Tonight is the final of what’s been a fairly good tournament. I can’t recall any real stand-out games at Euro 2012, but then there certainly hasn’t been any truly appalling ones – aside from maybe England’s exit. Italy have done exceptionally well to reach the final. Guided by the brilliant Pirlo, they’ve performed well and rightly dispatched many people’s favourites, the Germans.

Spain, on the other hand, you feel still have a gear or two to go into.  As sick as I am with their tippy-tappy possession game, I get the impression they could tear anyone apart the moment they inject a bit of speed and urgency.  I think it will be a tight game tonight, dictated more by nerves and fear of concession than attack minded play. I can see a 1-1 after normal time, with Italy nicking a winner in extra time.

Lastly today, a bit of transfer gossip. Arsenal are said to be looking at Italian keeper Emilliano Viviano who plays for Palermo. It’s unlikely he’d be considered a immediate threat to Szczsney’s place, but given that we certainly need another keeper at the club, it’s a possibility there’s truth in this one.

Perhpas inevitably, the M’Vila deal is now reported to be off. It’ll be on again tomorrow, then off-on, off-on for the remainder of the week. I’m getting a little tired of it all now. Pre-season is edging closer. Let’s get these deals done, and head into that period with the squad ready to go. M’Vila is an excellent player, and I hope we get him. Fingers crossed on that one.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Spurs want Theo, Euro 2012 final, transfer news and stuff.”

  1. I also think theo hasn’t done enough to earn 100k/week.he definitely needs consistency in his game.and AFC is the only club patient enough to give him the chance to develop into the player we all hope he can be.

  2. Theo can put pressure to defenders when it matter most @ times but he is not consistent @all for 100k. he really need to rethink because it’s only in arsenal inconsistent players can be given a chance to prove their worth in the near future. he is in the right place – he shouldn’t dare to make that mistake.

  3. What was it that Stewart Robson said recently about Theo Walcott… “An athlete that puts on a pair of football boots”.. He also called him a ‘liability’… I wouldn’t say Theo is a liability but I think his ‘athlete’ remark was a fairly accurate assessment… Much has been said about Walcott not having a ‘footballing brain’ and that his decision making at key moments in a game is often suspect. As already mentioned in this article he can be outstanding at times, but is woefully inconsistent.. He’s definately not worth 100K a week.
    He’s been at Arsenal now for what 6 or 7 years, and has had plenty of opportunities to stake his claim, and should by now be showing more consistency than he does. It’s been a case of ‘next season he’ll come good’ for too long now, but it might just be that he won’t get any better, and it’s difficult to make a case for him.. He has incredible speed, but that’s about all.. If it is just speed we want then how about Miyachi ? (from what I’ve seen he’s even quicker than Walcott), and let’s not forget about Chamberlain (he’s certainly no slouch either).. I say let Walcott go, if he’s not prepared to sign a contract extension at the same wages he’s on now. However, I hope we don’t sell him to Spurs or the Chavs, as he might just come back to haunt us, best to try and sell him overseas, if anyone will have him.

  4. You are spot on there, mate. We have often seen Walcott struggling against well organised defences. Yes, he may score the odd blinder that he did against Chelsea, and has pace to burn, but still paying him so much is ridiculous.
    Like Rob says, Miyaichi looks the real deal, and we have the Ox too. If he wants to go, and we get some good cash, so be it!

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