Starting XI against Norwich and team news.

Theo’s tactic of attempting to fly didn’t prevent him loosing the ball.

FA Premiership, May 5th: Arsenal Vs Norwich.

Morning, folks.

It’s crunch time today. A home game against Norwich is one of those from which we’d all be expecting to get a simple three points. However, the game now had a vast amount of pressure on it. Arsenal can ill-afford any slips, and the Wigan match serves as the perfect reason as to why we shouldn’t ever underestimate a visiting team.

Spurs and Newcastle are breathing down our necks. Chelsea could win the Champions League **shudders** and make fourth place nothing more than a high finish without the reward – I guess 4th will qualify for the Europa League. All the highs and lows of the previous 36 league outings mean nothing. We have two games left to play, and two victories will ensure we finish where we should.

Nothing less than that will do.

I’ve been quite impressed with Norwich. Many wrongly assumed they’d plunge back to the Championship with a whimper. They’ve done anything but. Grant Holt upfront is a hefty until who our centre backs will need to focus their attentions on. They play together as a until, and barring the hiding they got from Man City, they’re difficult to break down. I can’t imagine they’ll do anything more than defend deep and hope to counter.

As far as Arsenal team news goes, it’s a case of as you were from the last time, gents. Diaby, Theo, and Arteta will all miss out, and there are no fresh concerns on the injury front. I think we’ll start as follows:

Szczsney; Sagna, Gibbs, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Song, Rosicky, Ramsey, Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain; van Persie. 

I’d be lying to you if I said I wan’t shitting it over this one. Under pressure this season, we’ve either performed heroics or capitulated entirely. Hopefully, the boys know of the importance of finishing third and realise there isn’t any room left for error.  They all need to turn up tomorrow, and bring their best game with them.

I’m going to boldly predict we’ll emerge the victors in a massively uncomfortable 1-0. Let’s be honest here, even if we are 4-0 up at half time, they’ll still be a few butterflies. Such is the life of an Arsenal fan.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. The comments await your views on the team below. Try not to make it an avenue for churlish and unwarrented remarks directed at Aaron Ramsey. I’m getting a little tired of wading through all those.

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10 thoughts on “Starting XI against Norwich and team news.”

  1. Up gunner?4 life,its time 4 arsenal manager 2 let ramsey 2 knw is mistake when u keeping on d bench,cos anytime am see him startig x1 am nt hapi,cos wat we need knw is 3point nt roundabt on d pitch,let winger do smthing on it.

  2. I just hate d name Ramsey, I may not watch d match if he is starting bcos he represent bad luck. We have not had a gud result with a Ramsey start.

  3. I’m afraid I expect us to bottle it in the last two matches and really expect us to finish in 5th; not that I’m in any way pessimistic, this is just what we’ve come to expect of the Arsenal team. Why do I think this? Simple – Norwich and West Brom will do exactly what Wigan did and sit back with 11 men behind the ball until we push everyone forward in desperation – then they’ll hit us on the counter. At best we may get a draw – however, given the pressure I think we’ll lose.

    Now – to finish on a positive note (see, it’s not all doom and gloom), I truly believe we will win everything next season (except the Champion’s League, as we won’t be in it) – as we’ll have the talent, experience and strength in depth.

    That said, you can always prove me wrong in these last two games Chezza, Bacca, Verma, Kozza, Gibbo, Bingo, Rokki, Rambo, Benno, Oxo and Robino!

    C. O. Y. G!

  4. Last week i told u dat if rambo starts it will draw or loss. Remember z gall we conceed starts from rambo’s leg. To day we may b win cos cannaries plays in our ground. Z fans r amaizing like 11th play exclude rambo. Gunner 4ever!!!

  5. quite right it’s to late for any more slip ups and there are a hell of a lot of butterflies floating about but i can see a victory today and the butterflies can be washed away with plenty of beer.

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