Starting XI against West Brom and team news.

Theo and Robin celebrate beating West Brom in November.

FA Premiership, May 13th: West Brom Vs Arsenal.

Sunday morning greetings to you, possessor of the jangling nerves.

The big day is upon us. A season of ups and downs, high and lows, boils down to 90 minutes of football. 37 Premiership outings that featured before today serve only as an irrelevance. Wining will secure the prize we covet, regardless of the efforts of others.

I’m sure that the nerves are truly begining to kick in for you, aren’t they? This morning, I’m a cacophony of gaseous exhaust and I havent sat still for a period of longer than 5 minutes – it’s taken several attempts to complete this post. On the face of things, I’d expect this Arsenal team to dispatch a West Brom side missing it’s top scorer and other key individuals with minimal fuss. However, we all know of our team’s desire to make things as excruciating as possible.

It’s well documented that it’s Hodgson’s last match in charge of the Baggies. Taking that into account, the ground is certain to be loud and intimidating, and the supporters will want to see things signed off in style. West Brom have nothing to lose or gain. Hopefully, they’ll come out and play openly with a view to attacking. That should enable our attackers more space to exploit, and more chances created for Robin. I expect us to score. My main worry is how we defend.

If the cavalier positioning of the back four is there, we’ll concede. We need a tight unit in defence, and we need the midfield to support and cover. If Vermaelen is bounding through the midfield to aid an attack, someone has to fill in. If West Brom try to attack our full-backs, they’ll need help from the players out wide in front of them.  If we get a lead, let’s ensure we remain tight at the back, and don’t repeat the same errors made last week.

With Sagna, Arteta, Wilshire, Diaby and Mertesacker all definately out, and with Szczsney’s shoulder injury non-restrictive and Theo only expected to make the bench; my guess at the starting XI would be:

Szczsney; Coquelin, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs; Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Benayoun, Gervinho; van Persie

We have the pace of Theo and Chamberlain from the bench, and Chamakh caused Norwich a few problems last week, and he could be useful in the air if we get desperate in the final 10 minutes. I hope we will win, every part of my anatomy I’m able to cross will be crossed for the remainder of the minutes leading up to kick-off.

I’ll guess and 2-1 to Arsenal, but it won’t be comfortable viewing for the fans.

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28 thoughts on “Starting XI against West Brom and team news.”

  1. Up gunners.its nt yet time 4 ramsey to stat nid to stat him from bench 4 substition.he has not win a single match that he started this season.i bet u,today game is draw or will lose.start him from bench.we no he is wenger boy.sczeny,coqueline,vamaleen,,ox chamberline,roscisky,benayoun,gervinho,van persie.this is more balance.

      1. She’s got a point.

        To blame Ramsey, simply because he’s in the team is idiotic. Szczsney played the vast majority of games we’ve lost. I don’t see anyone blaming him.

        All this Ramsey bashing does get on my nerves. He’s had a mixed season, but when you take into consideration the obstacles he’s had placed in his path at such a young age, I think he needs support and encouragement.

  2. lets pray all gunners fan so that we can achieve our aim because,we need divine miracle from God this, lets hope for a joy. up gunners!!!

  3. That day we are waiting for is here. Make or mar for Arsenal. Pls, pls and pls Ramsey should not start. God is a Gunner.

  4. It’s 3 or nothing…the line up is good, considering the injuries, leaving ox and theo on the bench gives us options for the last 30 mins when they are tired to run them down and apply more pressure, especially counter attacking with pace…Anxiety, go boys…it’s the last game of the season, give it your ALL!!!!!!

  5. The illusion wenger sets up each year making it look like no trophy is ok forever a gunner but things have to change the policy has failed liverpoool won the carlin cup chelsea won the fa cup man u And City both contending for the title what have we achieved our policy has failed to a point. Can we realyy say that we can maintain 4th place if we dont buy Quality players can we really say that arteta and RVP can never get injured Can we really belive that walcott will improve And most importantly Rosicky is old he cant play the full 90th minute At full pace we need someone to take of the pressure from him

  6. I would go for a 4-4-2 with a line up of




    I know many will kill me but we need to have game changer for this match and that is why i had to leave Ox on bench, he has done a good job off bench and i think i will for this game if things don’t go so well

    Benayoun work rate is impressive which will be needed for this game not to mention his experience, in addition his defensive traits are also admirable.

    Charmark will provide a different option in the game and take off some attention and concentration that may be set on RVP giving him room to put in some more.

    The rest I can’t justify coz they are obvious. Share on you beautiful bustards hahhahahah!

    1. I agree with you, Yobra. But I’ll als like to see wenger try out this starting line up.
      Coquelin Kozza Verminator Santos
      Rosicky OX

      Benayoun RVP Gervinho

      Let’s not forget how good OX is in that position. Allows him to cover for Gervinho and santos when they go foward. He’s vision, quick feet and skill will help in the midfield and and going forward too. Song and Rosicky are the for support creating space for gervinho and RVP. I’m confident we gonna win this match no matter what #GodIsAGunner.

  7. Ramsey bashing must stop! A young man playing so much in a season where he played so little in the season before. Some say we drove glichy out of arsenal because we didnt appreciate him, now he’s at City. Lets not have the same happen with Ramsey. Arsene is manager for a reason!

  8. starting line up Sczeny, Coqueline, Vamaleen, Koscieny, Song, chamberline, Roscisky, Benayoun, Gervinho, Van persie. I think this is prefarable.

  9. Ramsey shouldn’t start he’s causing a lot of problems in our midfield, just count how many wrong passes he gives. The OX should start instead of him.

  10. 4 Gunners 2 win dis afternoon match, Le prof should nt start dat mother4ucking and disgusting player called Ramsey in d starting eleven, d lineup should b like dis: Scezneny, coquelin, vermaelen, koscielny, gibbs, song, benayoun, ox chamberlin, gervinho, chamark & van persie. Gunners till enternity!!!

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