Starting XI for the trip to Anfield and Malta news.

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Good morning, delicious reader.

Here in Malta it’s quite lovely and, mercifully, quite some distance from the argy-bargy and discontent swirling around Twitter – I have had the occasional peak.

Truth be told; I’m as disappointed as the vast majority of you that the squad hasn’t been added to. I know Wenger stated he’d only actively pursue so-called, “top, top players” and that’s okay with me. However, taking into account the cash we have at our disposal – allegedly – and the obvious lack of a squad capable of pushing for the title – sorry, but it’s true – I’m at a loss to understand why we haven’t brought someone in.

It can’t be that hard, can it? Mancini managed to secure five deals on Friday, and a few other clubs did some handy bits of business. Again, like many of you; I had hoped this tedious transfer merry-go-round at Arsenal had gone for good. I approached the summer with genuine hope and excitement. But, inevitably, we’ve done what we always seem to do; strengthen a club in Manchester with one of our star players, sold someone to Barcelona, kept all the dross and bafflingly been unable to locate any of these “top, top players” – as if somehow such players are mysterious entities that only our fucking manager is unable to find.

But, hey; that’s my bout of moaning and sneering all done with. Like it or not; what we have, is what we have. There is little or no point in any further disgruntled ranting and exclamations of what should or could have been done. We may be entering another season on eerily familiar grounds, but supporting the team is of paramount importance. Disputes, disappointments and dramas are all common occurrences amongst the Arsenal fraternity. Unification and a common desire for the team to do well is the only course of action I claim to advocate.

And with that notion in mind, I look forward to the Liverpool game, and, with a bit of good fortune, something to smile about.

As for the team news, well… Being in the sweltering heat of Malta, and suffering with the shittest Internet connection known to man; I’m afraid my team is going to be purely speculative. I think that Laurent Koscielny is still out, along with Wilshere, and Szczsney will undergo a late fitness test – if he fails, I’ll be holding my breath every time the ball sails toward our penalty area.

I’d go for a starting line up of:

Szczsney; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Diaby, Arteta, Cazorla; Podolski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud.

The game itself should be a different type of affair than in previous seasons. Brendan Rodgers’ exploits with Swansea show his teams play the ball on the ground, and they’ll be no £35m lump up top to terrorise our back four – we have to wait until Carroll is deployed into West Ham’s hair-shreddingly shit-awful ‘Allardyce-ball’ for that particular treat.

The result? Well, I’d take a draw at this point, as Anfield is one of the tougher away trips in the league. However, I would like to see us score at some point, and I do think a good performance could see us take all 3 points. We are certainly due something to enthuse and smile about. Let’s hope today brings us exactly that.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. I shall post again soon – if I can drag myself away from the pool, the drinks, the hot weather and the wonderful surroundings. I shall be watching the game from the hotel today – providing they show it.

11 thoughts on “Starting XI for the trip to Anfield and Malta news.”

  1. i like that line-up but if koscielny isnt ready i would give djourou a spot instead of mertesacker. suarez could be too much for mertesacker.

  2. so you know the is a arsenal pub bugibba malta. it is opposite the bugibba holiday complex. there is also an Arsenal supporters club but think it is members only.

  3. Well, Mark, you are talking about an international defender in Per, who has handled more dangerous players than Suarez. In fact Per reads the game much better that Kochelny, and is the sole reason that we have not yet conceded this season. I say 1-1 today, Diaby to score!

  4. since you love quotes Jimbo: Here’s one of wise word from the Lion King?!

    “Patience Iago!”

    2-0 and we looked superb…this squad can achieve things! its class. Lets support it

    well done gooners!

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