Suarez clause a no-go, Arsenal will spend £55m to get their man.

Liverpool fans always like a healthy, reasonable debate…

Morning folks.

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Right, onto the news.

When we bid the sum of £40m and £1 for Luis Suarez, it was under the assumption such an offer would trigger a release clause. At the time, it was understood that would oblige Liverpool to grant Suarez permission to talk to Arsenal’s representatives with a view to a move.

As it turns out, all that is in fact false.

The clause on entitles Liverpool to inform their player of the bid, and enter “good faith negotiations” regarding the future of old Choppy Face. In absolutely now way are they obliged to sell. With Suarez looking unlikely to agitate for a move, or hand in a written transfer request, the most likely avenue for Arsenal to proceed along now is to meet the £55m price tag.

This is the part that worries me. We are fast approaching the beginning of the season, and only an unfairly maligned young Frenchman has bolstered our ranks. Whilst others around appear to have had little or no trouble investing in new recruits, Arsenal’s initial promise of “spending big” now seems another mendacious promise.

Worst of all, we appear to be at a point where we sign Suarez, or nobody. I’ve gone on record many times as saying I’m not all that keen on acquiring the Uruguayan’s services. He’s undoubtedly a world class footballer, but one that comes with enough baggage to make Lindsay Lohan recoil in disgust. With all our eggs seemingly in the one basket, I’m beginning to hope we get him, purely because I see nowhere else for us to go if Liverpool continue to repel our advances.

Admittedly, there is still plenty of time for further devolpments. Others more ‘ITK’ than I suggest Arsenal’s plans will really begin to become apparent at the end of July. Well, today is the first day of August. Barring me having missed something utterly spectacular, there are no signs of any incomings, and a very strong case can be made for us needing more than just 1.

A deep-lying midfielder, a centre-back and a strong keeper to challenge Szczsney are the positions we hoped to fill. In an environment as prone to disagreement as the Arsenal fan community, that fact remains almost unanimously agreed. Arsenal, if they want to challenge, need to make solid additions. Even the senior members of the team have called for it.

Yet, our board appear to flounder, and the unrest against the support grows. I can’t disagree with any of people’s sentiment. Sometimes, the manner in which they express their thoughts is churlish and rude, but the point made remains; Why is it taking so long? Why haven’t Arsenal strengthened at the earliest opportunity?

Both perfectly reasonable questions.

Today is another day. It will pass the same way most others do, and tomorrow brings us a step closer to knowing more. As it stands, nothing is clear; nothing can be known about our future dealings. Perhaps, tomorrow will bring light, perhaps it will not. Anger, bitterness and disappointment could be replaced with happiness and expectation at a moments notice.

We wait. We wait some more. We hope for something to happen. I still have faith that it will, but it’s a faith balancing precariously on top of Doom Mountain.

That’s all for today, folks. you know the score by now; leave a comments below, start a discussion, and laugh at a certain element of Liverpool fans as they head over to rival Clubs’ blogs to spew their barely-literate drivel and remind us of how they’re the “greatest club in England”. Try to be nice to them.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

47 thoughts on “Suarez clause a no-go, Arsenal will spend £55m to get their man.”

  1. Barely literate drivel ……
    Nothing like a cliche hey?
    Liverpool fan here and yes I can articulate like most others
    Why would Luis want to move sideways or downwards?
    You have a party for coming 4 th and never winning anything
    Your manager is past his sell by date and never fixes the positional issues every one else in the games sees but not ‘ le tactical genius’
    Real Madrid and I could understand it but not your lot
    He’d love the Euripa league when you lose the CL qualifier!

    1. @Ian Frost.

      Arsenal may not have the draw of Real Madrid, our any of Liverpool’s illustrious history. However, as things stand now, we are a step up. That’s undeniable.

      We had a ‘party’ for 4th, your lot came 7th. The Europa League you mock, you don’t even have.

    2. Hahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahha…..I swear every Liverpool fan is so delusional, I’m yet to meet a sane one!

      Our club is a few steps above for Suarez, let me assure you! We have a far better stadium, far better facilities, far better manager, far better squad, far better potential, far better finances, and most of all, we have Champions League football.

      Suarez shouldn’t be rotting at a mid-table club with old news and he knows it and it shows. He will get his wish of joining a big club soon enough, whether it’s Arsenal or Real Madrid!

      1. Oh bugger. I forgot Liverpool have a slightly more impressive history…not to worry then, Suarez is staying!! (lol)

        1. LOL EVEN LOADER !
          You’s are wasting all transfer window chasing OUR player and yeahs ain’t gunner get him no matter what bid you’s put in !
          All the reds are laughing at you big mouths!
          No matter what you come back with , yous will be doing what yous do every year at the emirates cup, protesting against the board and wenger ! Because you’ve bought no 1 . BIGGER CLUB , BIGGER FAN BASE, BIGGER GROUND , MY ARSE, , BIG LOAD OF S**T yers are!

    3. Never winning anything?

      I might not be the greatest Wenger fan these days (to put it mildly) but the fact that – unlike Liverpool FC – Wenger has been an English champion in 21st century.

      Hell, Liverpool are so behind Arsenal that you signed Kolo Toure 10 years after we did!

  2. I will do my best to leave out any barely literate drivel… I think that Suarez may well be taking on board much of what you say. One of the things that has frustrated him has been the extent to which we have relied on him for the last two seasons, and I think he is beginning to fear that the same would happen with Arsenal – for all the reasons you have stated. He is also aware that there is a small chance, but not a tiny tiny chance, that you will not qualify for the Champions League. Of course it is likely to be plain sailing in the qualifier, but there is usually at least one shock, and he really does not want that. I suspect that all along, really, he has wanted to go to Madrid, and he thought that was in the bag, but it wasn’t. He has never had bad feelings against us, and he may just be coming round to giving a big sigh and saying ‘one more season’. If Liverpool feel that is the way his head is going, £55 million will not be enough. The best thing for Arsenal? I think it is to move on and get two world class players for £20–25 million each, but as I am not a fan, that may be the very opposite of what you think you should do…

    1. @Roma77

      Agreed. I’d personally prefer that £50m to go on two top-class players.

      Trouble is, all our eggs are in the one basked – so it seems – and if any of what you say is correct, Arsenal will need a back-up plan. There’s going to be a lot of angry fans if we haven’t made any moves come the start of the season.

      1. I think that some people inside Arsenal have decided that Suarez is 100% certain to leave, Arsenal are the only ones interested, it is just a matter of time before Liverpool give in and take 40 million. I am not saying the exact opposite and that he is certain to stay, but Gerrard and Rodgers are working 24-7 right now to persuade him, even down to synchronising ‘Good Cop’ Gerrard (‘Liverpool won’t be the same without you’) and ‘Bad Cop’ Rodgers (‘You owe the fans and the club some loyalty, and we control the situation anyway’). The persuasion did not work for you and van Persie last year, but that does not mean it will always fail. I agree that you need a back-up plan – as we do in case he does go, but I am pretty sure there is one for us. For Arsenal, I really don’t know…

      2. Only rational people have back up plans. Wenger is very stubborn to the point of being very counter-productive. This is why we play a certain way and we never change even when the opponent has figured out how to deal with our way.

        I think the reason Ivan came out publicly about our transfer war chest was to force Wenger’s hand to purchase world class players. He knows Wenger is stubborn and will do whatever he wants. Wenger could give a rat’s behind about what anyone thinks, including the fans, sadly. If Wenger doesn’t buy, Ivan and the board are absolved of blame and the fault will lie squarely with Wenger. This will make it easier to not sign him to a new contract when everything goes sideways.

        Ivan can then go and hire a more reasonable manager that will not have the kind of power that Wenger has. The problem is that if we win anything this year it will strengthen Wenger even more and we will be forced to give him a new contract and suffer through more years of mediocrity.

  3. I think the board are fucking us over. Spurs have spent big snd Liverpool have also strengthened and we have got weaker. Im starting to believe all the shit from last year, that a top four finish is all thats required that along with a good profit. We’re not going to win jack shit with current squad and next season I can see some of our stars jumping shop for a club with more ambition.

  4. It would be such another slap in the face if we end up signing no one at the end of August. After all the “loud mouth” talk by Gazidis of spending big I for one was sooo sure that by now we would have reinforced at least two key positions by now but oh well……It would be such a FAIL if we don’t get to sign Suarez after letting Higuain slip out of our hands for even less. And what’s happened to the Fellaini talk??? Just another day in the life of a Gooner, smh !!!

  5. Morning gooners,i just cant believe we are in the first day of august and we havent spent a penny,y wud the club come out say we are able to aford this player and pay this amount on wages and do nothing,can we not get the players we want,do they not want to come to us r was it al a lie and we are not going to buy ne one,i hope i am so wrong and we buy a gk,a centre half,a defensive mf,and a striker.what do u gooners think if we sign no one and when the season starts and where wil we personly wil be discusted with club for makeing them coments,and gettin our hopes up,after summer after summer of sales.i am given up checking sky sports news hr after hr for our breaking news.,once a day is enuf now

  6. I think Arsenal and Wenger should stop playing fans and the transfer window especially when they have no intentions of acquiring player/ players in question.

    This makes all those connected with the club appear foolish. You have no money, stay away from the market place.

  7. As you said faith balancing on Doom Mountain, a mountain so far created by Arsenal and the only ones that can change it are Arsenal. Here is to destiny and the gamble that is the transfer window. And there goes my sanity at trying to understand it all.

  8. A couple of things…Firstly, I understood that the transfer window opens until September 2nd? So there is likely to be a bit of shifting between now and then so maybe some of the histrionics are slightly over the top. Secondly I don’t get this deep lying midfielder stuff. Midfield should be fluid and shaped well enough to attack and defend. Anyway who would this deep lying midfielder replace?

    1. Think of a “deep-lying midfielder” as someone to add some physicality to our midfield. As much as Arteta has performed well deployed in the holding position, it is not his natural area in which to operate.

      We need one. We’ve needed one since Gilberto and Flamini left.

  9. The top managers appears to know exactly who they are after and do their business in a professional manner, when its a game to the children at Arse-nal. This sort of behaviour turns off the better players from our club.

  10. Hey..pls sign someone Wenger and the board? is not must 4 us to land Suarez will have some better player around the world get it done Fast Hummmm

  11. So we are comfortable receiving 24M for a striker who is 29 on the last year of his contract yet we are not willing to pay 55M on the best striker in the prem who has 3 more years in his contract???wenger you stingy c*nt spend some f*cking money!!

  12. ” BARELY LITERATE DRIVEL ” from Liverpool fans. Have you read The comments from Daba and Adrian ? The Arsenal fans. Ha Ha Ha.

    At least Liverpool football club are are trying to improve their squad. Whereas Arsenal seem to be happy standing still

      1. Sorry mate. I thought certain was something you hung on windows. Just another thick Scouser. Never mind eh!
        Maybe one day they may build schools up north and we can all be as intelligent as you Gooners.

  13. Full ov promises frm de board and ansene, we funs we r treated like fools, wat worng with de arsenal team coz we ve waited 4 so long season after season

  14. your club supposedly has 70mill to spend this window and you lot want to spend vast majority on a racist lunatic who would let you down, and would probably want out of arsenal just a quick when something happens he does not like…. smacks of desperation tbh. would you lot not rather have Jackson Martinez and fellani???

  15. Can I add Raymond to that list of Gooners who’s eloquence and grammar just flows off the page. Unlike us thick Scousers.

      1. Your the fool who pays £62 quid for the cheapest seats. Your the club with the most expensive season tickets. Your the club who have a fortune in the bank but won’t invest it in playing staff
        I think the thieving bastard quotes should be directed towards the people who run your club.

    1. It’s going to be a tight competition – are there more Liverpool fans who write properly or Arsenal fans who know crap about grammar?

      Good luck!

  16. You have uncovered Arsene’s cunning plan to unite the fans behind Suarez! No signings (apologies Yaya) until late August and we will take anyone with a pulse. I’m still keeping the faith, we have pre-season stability that has been lacking for years and we already have a very good squad, a few carefully selected additions and the future looks very bright. The transfer window still has time to run and we didn’t know about Santi this time last year. The idea that there are no quality players left is a little bit hysterical.

  17. From Suarez’s perspective, I think he will ask for a transfer once Arsenal have reached the group stages of the Champions League. It makes no sense signing for Arsenal until we know for sure Arsenal have qualified. Probably the same for Fellaini, Modric, Fabregas etc. Moving to Arsenal from Liverpool after qualification for the Champions League proper is not a backward or sideward move for Suarez. Club history is irrelevant to the modern player, they are interested in the “now” and the future.
    In the history of the Premier League, Liverpool are a long way behind Arsenal. Yes, they won the Champions League where Arsenal managed the final, but apart from that they have won the FA Cup and League Cup, trophies that Wenger plays his reserve teams in. The Premier League trophy is the big one, even harder to win than the Champions League. Arsenal have won it three times, two of them including the double. Liverpool have won zero. In the five intervening years between 1998 and 2005 Arsenal either won the League or were runners up. Liverpool were a super power in the seventies and eighties, and you can argue that their domination then was more praise worthy than winning the modern Premiership has been for Manu, because you developed a team from local or British talent, not simply buy expensive Europeans like Manu, Chelsea, Man City have done. Having said that, all this is past history and not in the minds of modern players. They want instant glory and gratification because that’s the society we live in, and they want high salaries, because they can demand it. Footballers are not the brightest candles on the tree, and are usually selfish and have tunnel vision.
    I am not convinced that Suarez is a good move for Arsenal, the baggage is too heavy. Players from several teams will try to wind him up on the pitch if he moved to Arsenal, to try to get a reaction. They will anyway, even if he stays at Liverpool. I can see him playing half the season at Arsenal, the rest of the season sitting out bans. Wenger needs to find another striker, and concentrate on a holding midfielder, a centreback and a quality keeper.

    1. “…because you developed a team from local or British talent, not simply buy expensive Europeans like Manu, Chelsea, Man City have done…”

      Yes, but conditions were the same for their opponents as well – there was a limit of foreign players in the team. Imagine that you have to play against Real Madrid in Champions’ League and they can pick only three of those: Pepe, Oezil, Khedira, Modrić, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Marcelo, Di Maria.

  18. I have to point this out Scouser’s, you do realise you are on an Arsenal Blog?
    A blog devoted to ALL things Arsenal by people who love Arsenal.
    Why on earth would you possibly think that you can come onto an ARSENAL site and make silly comments without being brought up short on them?
    I am absolutely amazed at the fact this even happens I can categorically state that there is absolutely NO WAY in hell I could ever imagine even typing the L word into my browser let alone visiting a page set up in it’s support.
    I can only assume that the quality of blogs and websites devoted to your chosen team are of such poor quality that you have to trawl the net looking to see if your beloved buck toothed psycho is leaving you or not.
    All very bizarre……

    1. You are wrong if you think we are commenting on this blog because ours are inferior. May I refer you to the names and comments above, highlighted by yours truly.

      If the ” bucked toothed psycho ends up at Arsenal (which I very much doubt ) will you then refer to him as that very nice man with the pronounced dentures. I suspect you will. By the way, we scousers found our way here via a link highlighted on Newsnow. Not I repeat not by trawling. We are guests please be kind to us

  19. I am becoming frustrated with the kind of game Wenger and the Arsenal board are playing.If the said 70m is there why are they finding it difficult to spend it in bringing quality players to the Emirate.Our rivals are spending money in signing quality players,yet Wenger and the board keep making promises without any action.It is very very bad that Wenger and the board do not consider giving anything in return to the loyal Arsenal fans.I hope our bitter rival i.e Spurs will not overtake us this season?,Please Wenger do something before it is too late.

  20. OK, half way through the transfer window…
    Tottenham looks like selling Bale. However, they have already brought in an excellent midfielder and prolific striker. Also, they have added a (fringe) Belgian international winger for a total of ~50m.
    Arsenal have brought in one fairly unproven striker – that’s it. I’m still putting my faith in the Arsenal leadership. However, now that Spurs have likely improved even without Bale, we really need to look hard at buying at least 1 world class player and 2 top PL class players. Suarez is a world class player, Fabregas another one. Looking at the squad, we will likely bring in 1 goalie but Szczesny can still continue as our #1. Sagna can double up as 4th CB. We can probably do with a versatile defender or maybe Miquel/Yennaris/Bellerin will make the step up. I’ve noticed Diaby has a new squad number, does that indicate a new DM is coming in? A quality striker is always welcome. Suarez was for me the outstanding player of last season. He played well throughout, Bale was fantastic for about 3 months…
    Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Wilshere, Cazorla
    Walcott, Giroud, Podolski
    Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Looking at the squad again, we have a great defence and midfield but look a little light up front IF we release/lose Park, Bendtner, Gervinho, Chamakh. Our midfield trio including Ramsey played excellent in the last 2 months. But, we do need world class players! Compare this team with the team that won us our last PL title. It included 6! players that got into the PL team of the year. Do any really believe that we have even half that number of players that can do that this season?

  21. I’m sick and tired of Wenger’s antics. It’s evident Wenger and his board are comfortable with just EPL top 4 finish and a taste of ECL football, but it’s becoming even clearer that a Europa spot would still be the same to them. They wouldn’t have paid 10m naira for Cavani, Jovetic or Higuan and they won’t for Suarez, Rooney, Fellaini, Soldado or … Sh–t system…

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