Suarez stays, Higuain might go elsewhere…. All this madness.

“Who? When? What? Where? Look – I really don’t give a f**k anymore…”

Morning, folks.

Today’s entry shall be brief. It’s too damn hot here to do anything. Even a task that consumes as little energy as typing is causing me to sweat. I don’t especially enjoy sweating unless there’s a very attractive woman in the vicinity.

I’ve also decided I’ve had enough of all this transfer madness. There once was a time speculation titillated me. It was enjoyable to discover the odd rumour and imagine the effect the player in question could have on the team. Now, I’m sick of wading through tripe to find something I think might possess an iota of truth.

As it stands, Suarez isn’t going to leave Liverpool, because Brendan Rodgers says he isn’t. A bid in the region of £40m might force him to revise that statement. Who knows? Our other supposed ‘target’, Gonzalo Higuain is a story that’s quickly fizzled out, and it appears he could be heading to Napoli as they look to splash some of that Cavani money they got from PSG.

There is no way of telling how much of that is truth, and how much is pure unadulterated hogwash.

With that in mind, I thought I’d take a break from it all. Not from blogging, but talking about transfers. In the next few days I’ll try to think of something a little different to write about – something more personal to myself and my memories supporting Arsenal.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

That’s all for today, folks,. You know where the comments are. Use ’em.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

30 thoughts on “Suarez stays, Higuain might go elsewhere…. All this madness.”

    1. Well come on thaiyke lets have some of your ideas.
      Couldn’t agree more with you armchairgooner, as far as I am concerned lets have nothing to do with ridiculous transfer rumours.

  1. The most despicable team of the Premiership wanting to be teamed up with the most despicable player of the prem. Its the perfect match!

    1. Right, so you go on a blog of a team you think is despicable where the first name in the blog title is a player you think I’d despicable. Not that strong in the brain department, are you.

  2. Roger’s is selling Suarez otherwise he would say the player is not for sale period. He is selling because Suarez has publically stated he wants to leave. It is up to Arsenal to move quickly and spend big to get their man.

  3. ok, on a serious note. forget suarez Higuain and swamp dweller what we need is fellani, benteke, with vermaelan (when fit) as the belgium spine of our team. makes sense dont you think?

  4. our starting 11 for this season

    sagna per / kos gibbs

    arteta / ramsey
    walcott jack cazorla


    only world class players are jack and cazorla.

    this side will get crushed by chelsea,city and united.

    against spurs and liverpool they will draw or lose unless they play against 10 men.

    against the lower teams they will scrape through but not convincingly . but there will be that 1 or 2 home games that we scored 6 or 7 against a lower team.

  5. Here’s a theory from a supreme optimist. The first quote from Arsene this week was “You want me to announce a spectacular signing but I can’t. But we are working behind the scenes to strengthen the squad.” He didn’t say we haven’t signed anyone, he just said he can’t announce any signings. Then a few days later he came out with “The competition in Europe is very hard at the moment. There’s a lot of money and not many players. We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.” This is a bit of a stretch but here he says that we are not close to signing anyone, it’s possible that there are already some deals locked away. Given the PR opportunity that big signings represent it would be bad business to make big announcements when everyone that matters is on tour in Asia. The big deals will be announced once everyone is back at the Emirates and they can be milked for all they’re worth.

  6. Their’s no way that Wenger can sign big players like Suarez or Higuain even though we all know that ARSENAL has the money to spend for this transfer window because Wenger he’s selfish manager the whole world of soccer footable and he always treat ARSENAL FC like he’s pests

      1. Wenger he has been doing this for the past seosons he knows only to choose big players before the transfer window opens but comes to time he does nothing. You can see him now what he’s doing

  7. Wenger and the board create a lot of hype just to keep the fans quite. In the end they will say they tried. Rememer Hazard,Mata and now Higuain gone to chelsea. We were linked to Jovetic but City signed him. Sahin was signed but Liverpool snapped him. Wenger is content beefing up his personal package coaching a mediocre team whilst qualifying for champions league. He is afraid to coach big name becuase there will be too much pressure on him to win trophies he prefers using his experience to over suceed with a mediocre squad.

  8. Arsenal won’t sign any of these players. You can tell by the prices that are being quoted for them. I think Arsenal purposely under bid for players, then the club can say they tried. How many years have Arsenal had £70m to spend now? I think Arsenal will make one major signing this summer, Arsene Wenger! I believe he should of gone a few seasons ago. He’s already talking about Arsenal being ready in four to five years. This shows the ambition of the club and the lies they constantly tell the fans. Wenger has spent £301m in six seasons including wage increases. (correct me if I’m wrong please) On who? Second rate, overpaid players they can’t get rid of. Arsenal can’t sell players like Chambles, Bendtfoot and Djourou because they are paid too much. All of the blame can’t be heaped on the board, Wenger must take some of it.

  9. The truth is that no one knows what is going on. Even the at the conclusion of the transfer window, we will only know what players have been brought in and what players have left. What I would say, though, is that these prices are totally at odds with Arsenal’s previous policy, which is why it appears Wenger says there’s a lot of money out there and very few players, which from all appearances seems true. All the rest is smoking mirrors, mind games by mangers and posturing by club presidents or their equivalents, newspapers trying to sell selling speculative gossip, agents looking to ratchet up fees, and selling teams trying inflate value. Wait until it’s over; only then will who know whose in, whose out, and who we got. In the meantime, enjoy the summer.

  10. I too am absolutely fed up the circus that surrounds the transfer window, I can only assume that it is only done as a three ring circus to to whip up a frenzy. What do pop stars and movie stars do when they are about to release an album or film, they get in the papers for some scandal or supposed fight with another publicity seeker, it’s all manufactured. I absolutely believe that the bulk of the transfer market is all manufactured as some big game but to what end I have no idea. Listen to all the quotes from all the managers and they all say the same “We are very close to signing someone” “My Chairman is actually looking into some high profile deals” etc etc It is all smoke and mirrors but for what end?
    Is it done to sell papers? Is it done so Sky Sports News have people continually tuning in to their show to see if there is actually any news, whilst they subliminally market upcoming games and money making deals along the bottom and RHS of the screen? I honestly do not know and my theory may be stretching the bounds of reality BUT lets face it, buying a footballer cannot be that hard. Identify the target (which should have been done all throughout the season as that’s what scouts are for), approach the club and check availability and cost. Speak to player/agent and see if there is interest. Agree terms. That can only take a maximum of 1 day surely!
    I have to say I agree with Pitch’s comment, maybe every deal is done and now it’s time for the three ring circus……

    1. Yes it really is as easy as going to the supermarket and buying a tin of baked beans. Why don’t you offer to take charge of all transfer dealings. Muppet!

      1. Dont be a dick! I didn’t say that, I simply tried to simplify the whole process to underline my point.
        People like you are the reason why we always end up with the three ring circus!

  11. We might end up not buying either Higuain or Suarez this summer due to the cost. While a player’s worth is dictated by the transfer market it doesn’t mean that you have to pay what the asking price is. Suarez at 55 mil and Higuain at 40 mil is stupid money. I would love for us to sign Higuain but I don’t think he’s worth 40 mil.

    It’s like when we had the real estate bubble when everyone was paying outrageous amounts for homes that are today worth a fraction of what they paid. Sometimes it’s worth sitting out the fray and making your move when things are more favorable. Right now there are very few good strikers left on the market and their clubs are asking for silly money.

    I would say we address other areas like signing Fellaini, a defender, bring Cesc back if we can, and a goal keeper. We create enough chances we are just not clinical enough in front of goal. Maybe, we’ll get better at that by not trying to walk the ball into the goal every time and actually take more shots. Just a thought.

  12. Very good point ChiGooner.

    I wonder how many of the people complaining about Wenger would themselves buy, for example, a car, if every time they went to pay the price went up.

    There’s plenty of time for additions to be made. Wait until the window is over before throwing the abuse about. It’s pointless.


        Food for thought – I don’t think Higuain, Suarez or Rooney will happen, but do think there are going to be signings (lots of players have been cleared out and we certainly need replacements – clearing out is an acknowledgement that they were mistakes and the club have been fooling themselves / couldn’t afford to change in the past).

        I think the transfer record will go down, but I think we will max out somewhere in the region of 23-25 million and nowhere near the figures being talked about. One of that level and another 2-3 in key positions for 10-15 apiece seems like the best case as far as I’m concerned and who knows, it could be good enough.

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