Super Tomas Rosicky, Gnabry, Cazorla, Smug Theo and 2-0 to the Arsenal.

Just in case The Spurs fans were unsure of the scoreline, Theo kindly helped remind them.

Morning folks.

Before I begin, let’s all collectively take a moment to bask in glory.

*inhales deeply*

Ahhh, the sweet smell of victory in the North London derby. Feels f**king great, doesn’t it. I have to admit that I was quite nervous during the hours that lead up to the game. Usually a sturdy and reliable organ, my bladder suffered from temporary weakness and most of my innards followed suit.  Before kick-off, my humble abode was a cacophony of curious gurgles of the stomach, feet thundering towards the lavatory and explosive flatulence.

However, as soon as that whistle blew and the game began, the tension disappeared. Spurs created very little. Aside from a reasonable chance for Eriksen and a prime example of Adebayor’s propensity for a bandy-legged lack of grace in the penalty area, our scummy visitors offered no threat. You’ll here cries of “we had a weakened team” from their supporters, but such remarks are weak excuses. Arsenal had many key players unavailable for the game, and chose to rest a few that were available. Given Tottenham have spent in excess of £100m building a squad makes that statement all the more laughable.

Arsenal controlled the game and looked far more threatening when attacking. Before Santi Czorla’s thunderbolt capped off a fine bit of play from Serge Gnabry with the opener, we had had a couple of good chances to open the scoring. From that moment on, I didn’t doubt the outcome of the game.

The second goal was a delicious cherry on a delightful victory cake. And I couldn’t have been happier for Rosicky scoring it, along with the fact he left feckless no-mark Danny Rose with egg on his face in the process. As Tomas scampered toward goal and chipped the onrushing Lloris, the smile beaming across my face was a sight to behold. I simply love Tomas Rosicky to bits.

He was by some distance my MOTM yesterday. Every player in red and white contributed to an excellent performance in some way, and all deserve high marks and limitless praise for the committed and professional manner in which they set about their tasts. But Rosicky wins it for me. When you look at his drive, his enthusiasm, his skill and his will to harass opponents, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a 25-year-old in the prime of life. When you take into account he’s 33 and in the winter of his career, his exploits on the pitch become immeasurably more impressive.

Perhaps his lengthy spell on the sidelines with injury has enabled him to prolong his career. I often feel slightly upset when I look at his time at Arsenal as it’s easy to wonder how good he could have been for us had those ailments not occurred. However, maybe such things are meant to be, and the player we could have had is the one we are seeing now. His contract expires over the summer, and I sincerely hope it is extended. His attitude and performances have shown how much he has to offer, and particular note should be made of his constant words of encouragement for young Gnabry and the friendly arm around the shoulder.

Yesterday, we played very well. Arsenal have picked up results in recent weeks without especially dominating teams or performing near to the levels we know they are capable. Against Spurs, the whole team performed well. From Fabianski in goal who didn’t put a foot wrong all the way to Theo’s bustling and enthusiastic shift in the central strikers role, it was a joy to behold and another confident step forwards in a season that is beginning to promise a little glory at the end.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the aforementioned Mr Walcott gave us an extra special little treat whilst being stretchered off. Having endured all kinds of witless opprobrium for the Spurs section of the crowd whilst down injured in front of them  – including fabulously articulate insults such as “we hope that he dies” –  Theo, with a wonderfully smug grin on his face, decided now would be an excellent time to remind them what the score was as he was carried away to be treated.

Some have claimed he incited the crowd, others, like the always f**king sensationalist and stupid Daily Mail, claimed that his gesture “soured” the entire game. As far as I’m concerned, football is abut banter. You give it, you receive it. Had the roles been reversed, there isn’t a single Spurs fan out there who wouldn’t have enjoyed the moment as we did. If the FA wish to punish anyone, perhaps they should aim their guns towards those making sickening remarks and throwing coins, not the player who responded with a smile and a harmless gesture.

And before anyone calls me a hypocrite – yes, I would condemn the Arsenal fans who threw coins at Adebayor when he ran the length of The Etihad pitch to celebrate in front of them just the same. Remember, we have a statue outside our ground of Thierry Henry doing the exact same thing. You give it out, you have to be able to receive it.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you’ll head towards the comments section to revel in the victory with your fellow fans. Tell me a few of your highlights and stand out performances. I’ve not touched on how excellent Gnabry and Cazorla were yesterday, or Mikel Arteta’s overlooked, but very impressive, display holding the midfield. What are your thoughts? Let me know a few.

I shall return tomorrow. Enjoy the day and keep an eye on the draw for the FA Cup fourth round at 4pm (GMT). As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

20 thoughts on “Super Tomas Rosicky, Gnabry, Cazorla, Smug Theo and 2-0 to the Arsenal.”

  1. f***ng a…..little Mozart was all over the place…encouraging every1,not only gnabry,also saw him with sagna I think..his goal was great,verm had an awsom game,n the gesture when he hid the s***ds emblem at the beginning,.yu gotta love him.had a gud game too…COYG…FOYS

  2. Wenger said before the season started that Rozza would be given an extension if he crossed the 25 match mark this season

  3. Like you, I was nervous before the game especially when I saw we were resting a couple of players. I couldn’t understand taking that gamble for such a massive game. After a nervy opening 10 minutes I began to relax as we started to seize control of the game. Agree with you totally about Rosicky, he was immense. Really sets the tempo and drives us forward. When you think of players we have tried in midfield over last years, it does feel a shame that we lost out on enjoying Rosicky at his best. Thought Theo’s movement was fantastic. Gnabry had. A great game. Really looked composed on the ball and had confidence to take the ball and make direct runs into the box. Our defence worked well and left Adebayor very frustrated. I really enjoyed the moment in second half when Mertesacker stepped out to intercept a ball (as he does) and really made a fool of Adebayor who was static. Loved yesterday. So important to win this, maintain momentum and stop the old enemy in their tracks

    1. @galteegunner: It was easy to forget Gnabry is still so young and relatively inexperienced in first team football. He looked that composed and confident in possession. Certainly one for the future and another example of our abundance of riches in midfield.

  4. Also nervous before kick off, and shat meself that fabianski was in goal…seems unfair now aa he was excellent! His kicking was a bit off but made (at least) 2 excellent saves when needed when he could have been forgiven for going to sleep. Whole team were fuckin awesome so difficult to single anyone out but:
    Santi’s goal…fuckin Jeeezus yessss!
    Rosicky……give him new contract no hesitation.
    Theo…good game, FUCKIN AWESOME wind up son!!
    Gnabry…..future/present superstar. Great on the ball, good thinker, and so calm u think he’d been playing there for years….but then it was only the spuds – who by the way were shit, no wonder their coach is a gooner!!!!

  5. Was nervous too at the start but started enjoying the game soon after. What a performance by the whole team especially .TR, G, C & TW. Once again questioned Clattenburg’s performance. Dembele should have been booked. Rest up boys, you deserve it, and come back strong for Aston Villa. COYGS!

  6. i hope walcott’s injury isn’t long-term or serious. but on a positive note, we already have gnabry and chamberlain as ready made replacements. we might miss walcott’s goal-scoring abilities, but based on yesterday’s showing gnabry would be awesome.

    rosicky and sagna’s contracts should be extended. they have been loyal, committed servants for arsenal for which they should be rewarded. they are already club legends in my eyes and their experience would be invaluable for the younger players.

    as much as i detest chelsea and man u, i think arsenal can learn a thing or two from them in terms of retaining experience players. chelsea has terry (i know he’s a ****), lampard, and cech, while man u have giggs, ferdinand, evra (the french terry), and until recently scholes. i know most of em are mere shadows of their past, but retaining those players have allowed chelsea and man u to have experienced players through which other players could be integrated.

    by contrast, arsenal kept losing experienced players, something which was not always under the club’s control. but now that there’s much more stability around the club and a bright looking future ahead, wenger should do everything to retain the likes of rosicky and sagna.

  7. Beating the Spuds is always an enjoyable occasion and what made this game special is the win was comprehensive in every respect with only the two chances you mentioned even remotely keeping them in the game. This is the same side that that only last week gave Manure a hiding in their own back yard. This says a lot about this current team of players who also behave like fans as was seen by Theo’s gentle reminder which by the way was emulated and tweated by the rested Chez later. On that matter it was good to see that Arsenal have a reliable no 2 keeper as Fabianski was solid for a keeper that sees little game time.

  8. top performances,beautiful passing game by the lads. I am really starting to believe this season could be special. Believe and you shall achieve

  9. was surprised dat u were nervous b4 d game,i didnt have an iota of doubt dat we’l win.regarding TR7,it was meant to be cos who knows he could have been sold had he been playing rather than being injured.wat do u think?

  10. Hang on JR. you lost me. How’s what T H ‘s celebration as depicted with the statue similar to what adypaymores despicable behavior at the Eatthehat stadium??

    1. @GOONERKAM: There are similarities, ’tis all I’m saying; both scored and ran the entire length of the pitch to celebrate on their knees in front of opposition fans who’d been giving them stick.

  11. I see your point JAMES. Still , lets not forget , ady was a former player of our club and so what he did is different in that respect. No shame that dude.
    Is the rumor true that Sherwood and his dad are lifelong gooners. ??
    you can’t make this sh•• up really. You can’t stand them yet they are a source of such great amusement from time to time.

  12. And as for Adybawhore, I knew with either koscielny or the bfg there he wouldn’t even breath. I know he’s realized now that there are different shades of red.

  13. “Hey, Theo—s’up?”
    “Huh? Oh, hey, Ollie. How’s it hanging?”
    “Low and lazy. Hey, I hear you’ll be center-forward against Tottenham in the FA Cup match.”
    “Yep. Do you think Arsène will be impressed? Because if he is, maybe he could play me there more often. I mean, after all, maybe I could play through the center more often. Now that you’re injured and all, and so’s Nick, we’re gonna need a center-forward. Am I right?”
    “Well—yes, I suppose, but that’s not really what I’m—”
    “Remember that time against Newcastle last year when I was the center-forward? Wasn’t I awesome?”
    “Um…yeah. You were pretty good, but what I wanted to say was that—”
    “‘Pretty good?’ Dude, I had a hat-trick and two assists. I’d say that’s better than ‘pretty good.’ When’s the last time you did that well? Huh?”
    “Okay, Theo; okay. You have a point. I do not think I have ever done so well. Listen, though. Just—settle down a minute. We need to talk.”
    “I thought we already were. I mean—boom!—goal. Zing! Assist. Kapow! Another goal. I’m telling you, Ollie, play me at center-forward more often, and that’s you’ll see. All’s I need is my chance. Say—you’re French, aren’t you? Maybe you could put in the good word for me with the big guy? You know, butter him up a bit? That’s your nickname, right? The butter of charm? Well, lay on the charm, wont’cha?”
    “I will see what I can do, but Theo, listen. I mean, really listen.”
    “Okay. I’m listening. Shoot. Haha! Did you see what I did there? We’re guys who score goals, right, so I said ‘shoot’. Clever. Eh? Eh?”
    “Yes, yes, quite good. But listen, Theo. It’s January.”
    “The transfer-window is now open.”
    “I can’t do this anymore.”
    “What!? You’re leaving?
    “No, no. Just calm down. I just—I’m tired.”
    “[aside] This is Theo’s big chance. With the Frenchman gone, the center-forward’s position can be mine. Only that out-of-favor Dane stands in the way. Well, we know just how to handle him, don’t we? Yes…”
    “Beg pardon?”
    “What? Oh—um, nothing. Nothing at all. You were saying?”
    “I can’t do it anymore, Theo. Week after week, match after match, I feel like I’m running in quicksand. I need relief. Someone to take over, if only once in a while.”
    “I, uh, feel your pain.”
    “Merci. As I was saying, the transfer-window is open, and, well, I thought it would be good timing for me to get, you know, um, injured?”
    “Yes, yes, I know, and I hope you recover soon and all.”
    “You misunderstand. I’m not actually injured. It’s a ruse.”
    “A what?”
    “A ruse. I’m trying to convince Arsène that we need another center-forward. I thought, well, if I’m injured, and you’re injured, well, he’d have no choice but to sign someone.”
    “But wait—I want to play center-forward.”
    “Yes, Theo, I know. I have to level with you, though.”
    “Okay. Shoot. C’mon, buddy. That’s funny. Admit it!”
    “Er, um yes. Anyway, I was thinking, it would be helpful if you could, um, get ‘injured’ as well, if you know what I mean?”
    “But then I can’t play center-forward.”
    “Yes. True. There’s that. But think of it this way. If we can get Arsène to sign another center-forward—no one glitzy, mind you, just some kind of back-up—well, then, you can prove that you can play center-forward by beating that guy in practice. Right?”
    “I…guess so…”
    “That’s the spirit! So go out there against Tottenham, help us win, but get stretchered off once it looks like we have the game in hand. With you and I injured, Arsène will have no choice but to sign another center-forward, won’t he?”
    “Umm, yeah…but what about Nick?”
    “Already spoke with him. He’s been on board since before the Cardiff match. Didn’t you see him turn his ankle?”
    “Not really.”
    “That’s okay. It’s all part of a master-plan. Ask Kieran about it—we did it last winter and got Nacho. Not bad, eh?”
    “Now that you mention it, I do remember Kieran walking around just fine after his, um, ‘injury.'”
    “Right. Just keep it under your hat, will you? We don’t want le Prof catching on, do we?”
    “Dude, have you seen him run? The guy’s like, 80. There’s no way he’s catching me.”
    “Uhhh…yeah. Well, good talk. Thanks, Theo.”
    “Don’t forget to put in the good word for me, butter!”

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