Supporter division; binbags and handbags

Morning, lifeforms and curious units.

Twitter is beginning to grate on my nerves. What I enjoy as a medium in which I can expose my blog and engage with like-minded souls has shown it’s true colours, unfortunately; an ever-increasing maelstrom of racism, abuse and idiots with the wit and personality of a beheaded rodent..

Recently, I’ve seen levels of vitriol so appalling that I’d be ashamed if it were directed toward the opposition, let alone the fact it’s being aimed squarely at our own players – quite what Aaron Ramsey has done to feel the brunt of so many moronic assaults is beyond me. And if it’s not the playing staff, it’s the manager, the board, and when all else fails, folks turn on each other. Separatist factions known as ‘AKB’ and ‘WOB’ spend hours and hours hurling obscenities at one another over something as trivial as an opinion. To compound matters, and to inspire this post, the morning presented me with the news of a ‘binbag protest’; fans bring bags to the next home game to symbolise their yearning to see the trash taken out of the club (Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke, the tea lady who criminally misplaced some Hob Nobs). I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s comfortably one of the dumbest ideas ever conceived by a human being.

Far from being the eternal optimist, I’m the first to speak of the current problems at the club and the malaise of the team. Things are far from peaches ‘n’ cream. However, in times of hardship and when faced with adversity, idiotic protests and churlish demonstrations serve only to worsen matters. Waving around a black sack and screeching profanity at the players can only have and adverse affect, as well as making those involved look extraordinarily foolish. We support the team, it’s our job. However disgruntled or morose we may be, getting behind the players is absolutely vital – now more so than ever.

I’m going to put out a call for some unity, for the ridiculous factions to be abolished and for all of us to get behind the team, because they stand a far better chance of reaching 4th place with us behind them. Things won’t improve the way they are headed at present.

That’s today’s blathering done, tomorrow I’ll be previewing the Blackburn game. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Leave a comment and follow me on Twitter @Puddleduck1978.

2 thoughts on “Supporter division; binbags and handbags”

  1. i will try to be nice with my statement….the fans are frustrated bcos they don’t trust the board again, the board do not carry the fans along and as well don’t respect them;they make promises but don’t deliver. so the fans have a right to do as they wish until they are heard. the rot in the arsenal system is gotten worse and more to come if nothing is done.i may not actually support what the protesters are doing but what can i say …people are different and will respond differently…leave them alone and stop pretending you like the situation of things…..peace out!

  2. I’m as unhappy about our performances and the prospects for this Arsenal team as anybody; all gooners are in the same depression. We fear that the couple of world-class players we have will leave and that if we fail to qualify for the CL we won’t be able to recruit top players and we dread the prospect of finishing behind the spuds for the first time in a generation.

    But protests like this will only hurt the team and hurt our performances, which the protesters will be delighted about, I’m sure, because it will bolste the claim that the club is falling apart. Look at Blackburn for a timely example: did the Kean-out protests help the team? No, their results got even worse; then the protests were suspended and what do you know, Blackburn actually started winning a few games. The protesters obviously weren’t happy about that so they resumed the protests and Blackburn’s performances dropped again.

    I’ve a better idea for disgruntled fans who want to protest: stay away on match day. Having a few more empty seats won’t hurt the team as much as having to listen to the abuse these small minds hurl.

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