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The BFG And Koscielny Immense, Giroud A Bit Pants And Rosicky’s Howitzer Wins The Day.

Morning, folks. I shan’t lie to you; sitting through those 90 minutes wasn’t one of the more pleasurable experiences I’ve encountered as an Arsenal fan. Mercifully, for all their ‘heroic’ huffing and puffing, Tottenham Hotspur remain irredeemably bloody hopeless. In…
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Giroud answers critics (kinda), SuperRosicky and another impressive away victory.

Morning, delicious and ebullient individuals. Recently, I was discussing my beloved team’s fortunes with a friend of mine and I used the following point; Arsenal have not played exceptionally well for quite a while. Now, that might sound like a…
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Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Giroud, Arshavin, and a much-needed three points.

Morning folks. It’s going to be a quick review today. In a few moments, I’m off to brave the chilly weather and break my paintball virginity. I’m slightly worried. Not becuase I fear getting shot. Nope. I worry simulated violence…
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