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Are the betting odds for Arsenal in the Champion’s League worth considering?

Arsenal going gall the way? Possibly…

While most Arsenal fans will be able to accept the fact that their team is not considered likely to win the Champions League by most of the sports betting sites, the knowledge that they are even ranked the outsider to beat Bayern Munich in the last sixteen will be galling – as it is evidence of how the team has slumped. They are currently given odds of around 33/1 for the tournament, and 11/5 to beat the German giants, which certainly makes betting on the latter a more sensible option than the former; but when have football fans ever been sensible when it comes to their team?

Given that being able to gamble successfully requires exactly the sort of unemotional mindset that football supporting doesn’t allow, it can sometimes make more sense to avoid placing bets on your team. Of course most Gunners fans won’t much fancy betting on one of the other teams for the Champions League, but this is where options like Belle Rock Entertainment online casinos can be a great alternative to this. After all, it is proving tough enough to be an Arsenal supporter at the moment, and compounding emotional trauma with the loss of money is surely adding insult to injury.

After all, it’s not as if online casinos don’t offer the chance to indulge your love of football, alongside the gambling these days. A casino slots game like Soccer Safari, which involves teams made up of animals like lions, warthogs and rhinos, playing their own World Cup in the jungles of Africa have a genuine football-theme to go with the joys of slot games – like the chance of winning a great cash jackpot. Furthermore with most of these sites offering mobile casino options these days, you can play a game like Soccer Safari anywhere – even during half time at the Emirates – although you might want to pretend you don’t notice the resemblance between the warthogs and Arsene Wenger as he prepares for his team talk!

An early Christmas message.

Evening folks.

I’ll be back posting tomorrow, but in the meantime I’m going to leave you with a message from my friends Stan and James.

Chintzy decorations, even worse jumpers and cringe-inducing songs ‚?? it wouldn‚??t be Christmas without it! And StanJames has captured the spirit of this wonderfully with their cheesy Christmas song.

We have become accustomed to the tongue-in-cheek Christmas songs, entries from the likes of Mr Blobby, Bob the Builder and Matt Cardle and, poking a bit of fun at themselves and the ‚??genre‚??, StanJames can now join that list (although it won‚??t be reaching number one any time soon).

Cliché Overload

Stan and James have only recently been introduced to our TV screens but the cheeky pair are back with plenty of friends piled into their flat for a Boxing Day sport-fest. The Christmas costumes are out in force joined by clichéd festive antics and served with a huge slice of cheesy lyrics.

The theme is, of course, festive sport betting with a heavy slant on the football fixture list that has become a feature of Boxing Day for sport fans.

Donning a snowman outfit and an elf outfit, the pair bounce around their flat with friends making a mess. There‚??s no room for pleasantries in the StanJames flat as sprouts go flying, a penalty shoot-out takes place and gravy is spilt everywhere.

It is a wonderful clich√©d stab at a typical ‚??lads‚?? get-together where the live sport and betting is all that matters. Even the token girlfriend is neglected in the filming!

Enjoy it For Yourself

With lyrics like ‚??if you‚??ve done your homework or you just think you‚??re odds on, Merry Christmas‚?? and ‚??you can bet in play cause they might score more? Will they win away will it finish a draw?‚?? you know what to expect really.

But we won‚??t spoil the fun for you, check out the StanJames Christmas music video (link) and indulge in some truly cheesy Christmas lyrics.