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Brighton Dispatched With A Little Fuss, NEW SIGNING!! And The Return Of An Arsenal Great.

Morning, folks. It’s been a while. Lost somewhere in the plethora of false promises from myself was the inclination to blog. As I suspect you’ve already deduced, that desire proved as hollow as the words that jumped from my fingers…
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Walcott, Giroud, Brighton, and the horrors of an Andre Santos defensive performance.

Afternoon, FA Cup glory hunters. As the cliché goes, “a win is a win”. There are those that enjoy wallowing in the many defensive blunders on show – it certainly appears even the most innocuous of crosses can cause total…
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Arsenal’s starting XI against Brighton (Match preview)

Hello everyone! You might – some of you – be wondering where the bloody hell I’ve been in recent weeks. Without resorting to diving into self-involved bleating, I’ll just say I’ve had a few problems, and I’ve not been very…
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