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Ramsey, Bellerin And The Ox Defeat Their Injury Demons And Arsene’s Award.

Morning, wonderful individuals. Today is very much entrenched in the international break. By that I mean there’s pretty much bugger all going on of any note and those stories that do gain a little attention are invariably heightened, fabricated or…
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The Glorious Waltzing Of Mesut Ozil, Injured Chamberlain And Stuff.

Morning, folks. That noise you can hear very subtly in the distance is a glorious fanfare. It signals the end of my self-imposed hiatus and a triumphant return to regular blogging. Go outside, join in with the spectacular parade. I…
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Thierry in January? The Ox, Gibbs, Theo, and contracts.

Evening folks. This update is going to be a quick one. If you’re an avid Tweeter, you’ll have probably been hit by the crippling disappointment of the recent spurious account attributed to our beloved king, Thierry Henry. I could go…
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