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Starting XI against Milan, gobshites, Dennis speaks and pace is our deadliest weapon.

Good morning to you, the eagerly anticipating. In stark contrast to yesterday’s horrors, my bowels are functioning efficiently and pleasantly today. Hardly relevant, I know; I decided to share it with you regardlessly. If I can’t offer frank, graphic and…
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Mikel, Arsene, Eden Hazard’s filthy admission, Per’s ankle, away goals, yellow kits and a case of the shits.

Good morning, folks from around the globe, and a very happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope you’ve all got something nice planned if you’ve a significant other, something maudlin and gushy that’ll entice them toward the bedroom. If not,…
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I believe 4th place is achievable, McCarthy speaks out and Arsene’s misleading £15-20m quotes.

I extend to you the fairest of morning greetings, splendid peruser of my bloggedy blog. Yesterday, there was a barrage of news. Today, that information overload has been replaced by a steady, slightly dreary, dribble; a dribble of nothing in-particular;…
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