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A point isn’t bad, Theo’s out for the season and other news.

FA Premiership, April 21st: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea Sunday morning, day-of-rest greetings to you, splendid perusers. Although we didn’t play at our highest level, and Chelsea showed all the willingness to make a game of it as I’d have expected from…
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Abou, Mikel, Gervinho, Jack, Chelsea and Robin for the PFA award.

Friday morning greetings, regular reader. Firstly, apologies for the lack of any post yesterday. On occasion, my work and personal life will conspire to prevent me from having the time to write. Those instances will, hopefully, be few and far…
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I believe 4th place is achievable, McCarthy speaks out and Arsene’s misleading £15-20m quotes.

I extend to you the fairest of morning greetings, splendid peruser of my bloggedy blog. Yesterday, there was a barrage of news. Today, that information overload has been replaced by a steady, slightly dreary, dribble; a dribble of nothing in-particular;…
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