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2 Deals Announced. 2 Deals ‘Confirmed’. 2 Deals Without Base?

Greetings, blog hungry masses. Having worked what seems like an interminable amount, this bright, sunny morning in Bristol sees something of a rarity; a day off from the throes of a stifling kitchen on what is traditionally the busiest day…
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Are We ‘Done’ Yet? New Kits! Tedious Semi-Final…

Greetings, darlings. Unlike yesterday, when there was the opportunity to discuss one of the most spectacular football matches in recent memory, today I’m left with the concept of picking apart last night’s semi-final between Argentina and Holland. I shan’t bother….
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Sanchez and Debuchy Done? Not Until The Plump Female Harmonises…

Morning, folks. It’s certainly been an eventful few hours… Starting from an Arsenal perspective, we’ve had some exceedingly good news in the form of reports suggesting we’ve got our men; Mathieu Debuchy and Alexis Sanchez are imminent arrivals, Brilliant news….
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