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Draxler to Bayern and Midfield Options.

“You, yes, YOU. Pay attention” Morning, folks. I have a terrible migraine. My head feels like there is extensive, noisy repair being conducted inside using loud power tools and hammers. Lots of bloody hammers, hammering things. Thud. Thud. Thud. I…
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Draxler Delegations, Vucinic Terms Agreed, Transfer Deadline Madness.

Morning, folks. Having stated yesterday that he was “hoping to have something to tell you” to the press regarding potential incomings, Arsene has inadvertently set the rumour mill into a white-hot state of chattering. With unfortunate injuries having come along…
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Draxler Rumours Hotting Up, Liverpool In The Cup and Podolski

Morning, folks. There’s quite the abundance of rumour today. As the horrors of January’s window head into the last stretch, everything becomes heightened; speculation doubles, hopes rise and the whole sorry saga transforms into farce. As an Arsenal fan hoping…
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