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Coventry Dispatched, Podolski, Zelalem and a Desperate Draxler.

Morning, folks. One of the perils working as a Chef is the frequency with which you’re required to handle very sharp utensils. Yesterday, whilst handling the aforementioned, I managed to slice through a couple of fingers on my right hand….
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The Chronicles of Draxler. Draxler Does Dallas. RoboDraxler. The Draxler Identity.

Morning, folks. There may be a storm brewing. If you take a quick glance out of the nearest window, the horizon might show an enormous cloud of sh*t headed in the direction of your humble abode. This almighty cumulonimbus of…
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Replacements for Theo and adding insult to injury.

Morning, all. Remember what I was saying yesterday about an unexpected and huge news story appearing out of the blue to give us something to talk about until Monday’s game at Villa? It happened. I wish I hadn’t said anything….
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