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Brighton Dispatched With A Little Fuss, NEW SIGNING!! And The Return Of An Arsenal Great.

Rosicky celebrates adding the 3rd with a superb volley.

Morning, folks.

It’s been a while. Lost somewhere in the plethora of false promises from myself was the inclination to blog. As I suspect you’ve already deduced, that desire proved as hollow as the words that jumped from my fingers onto your screen. I love this little site of mine; The Armchair Gooner has always represented an avenue in which I’m my own boss and I can spew out whatever balderdash floating around my head without fear of anyone telling me I can’t. Something of an anti-establishemnt, “f**k you and your authority” type, I am.

For a long time, the desire to write has been absent. Like an estranged sibling or cowardly father, it has deserted me with little or no reason – perhaps hiding in a dingy bar swigging back ale in the hope of forgetting responsibilities.

Yet here I am, referring to myself as “The Return Of An Arsenal Great”. I realise fully that’s a touch arrogant, perhaps even bordering on spectacular over-assumption of importance. Along with my aforementioned troubles with those that reside above me in positions of power, I tend to be quite narcissistic. I say ‘tend’… It’s full-blown and unabashedly so.

In short, I’ve resurfaced because that inclination has returned (I know I’m not an Arsenal great, by the way).

So without further ado, Arsenal stuff. Enough of this blathering. Continue reading

Hull City: Starting XI (Predicted), Team News And General Thoughts.

Gibbs hated losing the race to get home for X-Factor…

Morning, folks.

Match day is here. The international interferences are a blip in our rear view mirrors, a speck on the horizon as we speed towards the glory of Arsenal and the Premiership. Today we face Hull City at the Emirates, a team I have fond memories of facing.

I recall that day last May vividly; the heat of the bar in Bristol where I watched the game, the horrendous stag-do I was attending at the time and the ill-advised, stifling Cowboy attire I was wearing. Most of all I recall the wonderfully contrasting emotions experienced and the speed total disarray turned into hope and then unbridled elation. That FA Cup Final was a long time coming but it was worth the wait.

Some 5 months on from that day quite a bit has changed. A few heroes are currently injured and we have one or two news faces upon which we pin our hopes. One thing that’s been ever present over the past years is injuries and today is no different. Continue reading

My 5 Happiest FA Cup Memories.


Morning, folks.

As I mentioned in an early entry of this here ol’ bloggy thing of mine, I thought it would be of some modicum of entertainment for me to share with ya’ll a few of my FA Cup memories from previous years. Some of them may not be what you’d consider truly fantastic occurrences the history books will fondly recall, but that’s not the point. Anyone one can offer homogenous regurgitation of frequently revered events, I figured it’d be better to just share the moments that meant the most to me, for whatever reason.

I’ve always loved the FA Cup since I was a boy. Time and extravagancies elsewhere have stripped England’s most famed cup competition of a little of its prestige, undoubtedly. The magic of the FA Cup seems diminished now as opposed to 20 years ago. However, it still retains some of what made it so memorable from my youth. Here are 5 of my favourite moments:  Continue reading

Diaby’s Reception, Ramsey’s Rocket and Jenkinson’s Magnificent Celebration

Carl was as surprised as anyone.

Morning, folks.

Well, that’s it then; another Premiership season all over. Seems to have flown by, doesn’t it? What occurred might not have been to our wishes as Arsenal fans, but few could dispute it’s been a season without talking points and the occasional flash of brilliance.

As expected, for the majority of yesterday’s game the events unfolded in a slightly dreary and resigned manner – the kind of casual pace you rarely see in the Premiership unless it’s a last-day fixture with nothing riding on it. Arsenal comfortably controlled the game against a beleaguered Norwich side who rarely threatened at all. Continue reading

Koscielny Signs New Deal (allegedly) And 4th Isn’t Good Enough.

Until 2019?

Morning, folks.

It’s a slow, slooooowwwww news day today. Such is the nature of the time of year. When your beloved team are out of the running for an as-yet undecided league title, the stories circulating focus almost entirely on that. Arsenal, it seems, are very much a secondary thought to the news hounds at present – at least, that is, until the FA Cup final arrives and we receive a crescendo of hopeful tripe surrounding the chances of Hull City.

Mercifully, in times of paucity, a relatively interesting but dubious story has exploded into our consciousness like that bit in Inception when Tom Tardy pulls out a grenade launcher. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. The article/rumour in question is all about Laurent Koscielny extending his current contract an extra 2 years until 2019 – there’s no mention of a raise in salary, but I’d assume he’d be getting one. Continue reading

Hot Cesc In The Arse, RoboDiaby, FA Cup and More.

Love him. Don’t need him.

Morning, folks.

I was intending to write a review of yesterday’s game, but opted against doing so. Why? Becuase it was breathtakingly uneventful in the way only meaningless fixtures at the end of the season can be. Players sauntered around casually and neither side looked especially keen on busting a lung – understandable when you consider Arsenal have the FA Cup to look forward to.

The day at Wembley is going to be odd for me. I’ll be in Bristol watching it dressed as a cowboy. Not because of any bizarre superstition or penchant for curious attire, but because I’m attending a friend’s bachelor party immediately afterwards and won’t have the time to go home an change. My enjoyment of that evening is pretty much entirely dependent on Arsenal, so for the sake of my fellow Bristolians, I hope they win if only to prevent scenes of an extremely miserable cowboy sulking around Bristol shooting guns at passers by. Continue reading

An “Awful, Shambolic, Woeful” Victory Is Still A Victory. Enjoy It, Folks.

1 more step to glory.

Morning, folks.

After such an enforced hiatus, it’s pleasing to return to your fair screens with something pleasant to discuss. Yesterday’s triumph certainly won’t go down in the annals of history as Arsenal’s crowning accomplishment, but given the manner in which things have fallen apart in recent weeks, I, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

And I celebrated, too. Those that have you believe it was “only Wigan” seem to have forgotten that football is all about joy. If you can’t glean any joy from booking a place in a major cup final, then why bother at all? Yes – it might have been “only Wigan” but it certainly should be mentioned that “only Wigan” hadn’t lost in the FA Cup for two years, and they knocked out Manchester City on their own turf to get to play us.  A lot of teams underestimated “only Wigan” and look where that got them. They gave us a tough game and I personally think they deserve a great deal of credit and praise for their recent exploits. Continue reading