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Arsenal can splash-out a bloody fortune!! New players! Yippee! Falcao here we come!

Afternoon, folks! In case you missed it on Monday, Arsenal have announced half-yearly profits of £17.8m. That by itself doesn’t sound all that spectacular, but the real figure that’s caught everyone’s eye is the £123.3m we have in reserve. That’s an…
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WAR CHEST! We’ve got £35m in January – will Arsene spend it?

Evening beautiful people. It’s an icy Sunday night. Hooray… If there is one phrase commonly used by journalists and authors of fiction across the football writing world that makes me chuckle, it’s ‘war chest’. “Manager ‘X’ has a war chest…
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My ‘Falcao to Arsenal’ blunder, Cazorla, and preparing for the international break.

Morning, folks. Right, apologies first. Yesterday I posted – and deleted – a piece about Radamel Falcao to Arsenal. There was a story floating around, but without checking, I used one from 2011 as my source. I am a colossal…
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