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Ecstasy, euphoria, delirium, jubilation and unbridled joy: it’s all settling down, plus latest transfer news.

Welcome to my belated, gushy and sycophantic post. I’m sure that the previous few days have passed whilst accompanied with a huge, idiotic grin smeared across you face. I know mine have. It was one of those moments that reminds…
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Have Arsenal bid for Matias Suarez (?), Henry’s return is official and other bits of stuff

Hello everyone. How are you today? Is the weather as blustery and unpleasant in your place of residence as it is in mine? Now that I’ve returned and we’re all back on speaking terms, I’ll plough straight ahead into the…
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Betting on Arsenal in the Transfer Market, on the pitch and anywhere you want.

The English Premier League is the primary football competition in the country. The FA Premier League was founded in February 1992 by the break away from the Football League of the top 20 clubs of the First Division. The underlying…
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