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Drawing, Moaning, Missing, Celebrating, Looking Forward.

Good evening, creatures of Earth and beyond. A blogging hiatus was never something I planned, more a series of events and occupational incidents that have caused what was once a resolute desire to jot to dissipate almost entirely. Plus, I am…
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Arsenal’s £50m Striker And No Need To Be Concerned With Cech.

Morning, folks. It’s Tuesday, and the stink of Sunday’s calamitous performance is still lingering. I’m still p*ssed off. Not angry, just p*ssed off. At this stage, you kinda have to just put it down to being ‘one of those things‘…
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Ozil, Giroud, Cazorla, Gabriel, Akpom And Comfortable Progression.

Morning, folks. Sometimes, I don’t get the chance to watch games in their entirety. The perils and unsociable nature of my gainful employment are such that I’m at my busiest when Arsenal kick-off. Yesterday was an extremely good example of…
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